Live Broadcasts from the Ross Revenge

April14th to 17th Easter weekend 2017


Receiving 1368 am signal on the Ross


Recorded live from the Ross Revenge on Friday 14th April



Boarding the Ross Revenge


The motley crew?


The crew from Radio Caroline North Easter broadcast recreate an old team photo featuring the crew

from Radio Caroline and Laser 558 The blokes on the right and left look very familiar in both!




March 25th to 26th weekend 2017

off we go again



Engineer doing repairs to turntables


Nick Jackson on air


Trusty studio clock


Dave Foster


Dave Foster delivers one of his famous Ross Revenge brunches to Nick Jackson


Ray Clark enjoying his 11am to 1pm Sunday spot


Kevin Turner during his 9-11am Sunday show


Johnny Lewis


February 25th to 26th weekend 2017

Andrew Austin


Johnny Lewis


Chris Pearson


Barry James


Dave Foster


Johnny Lewis


Kevin Turner


The crew are en route to the MV Ross Revenge




January 28th to 29th weekend 2017

On there way to the Ross on Friday night


Trainspotting on a ship?




Chris Pearson and Johnny Lewis




Flying the flag


Time for a rest



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