Live Broadcasts from the Ross Revenge

Weekend May 12th to 13th 2018


Kevin Turner already to go on Sunday


Salesman Johnny Lewis


Very happy Ray Clark


Dave Foster and his Beatles


Caroline North gets its Seal of approval


Well I'll doggone!


Kevin Turner getting under way on Saturday morning


Flags already for the weekend


Peter Phillips, Johnny Lewis, Kevin Turner on their way to the Ross

Easter Weekend March 30th to April 2nd 2018

Ray Clark


Dave Foster


Ray Clark


Feeding Time


Grant Benson, Selfie??


One of the recent boat trips out to the Ross Revenge


Kevin Turner gets things under way on Good Friday


Flying the Caroline flag for the Easter weekend


On their way




February 17th to 18th weekend 2018

Chris Pearson ready for the last show of the February Caroline North  weekend.


Kevin Turner on Sunday morning


A very calm River Blackwater on Sunday


John Ellery back onboard again


Rather pensive looking Kevin Turner in the record library


Nick Jackson already to go


Presenters Johnny Lewis, Nick Jackson, Chris Pearson, Kevin Turner and John Ellery

January 20th to 21st weekend 2018

Johnny Lewis on the latest iPhone



Dave Foster poses in the former 'Overdrive' studio on the Ross Revenge


Johnny Lewis planning a trip??


Nick Jackson


Kevin Turner


Jerry Wright, Kevin Turner, Dave Foster, Nick Jackson and Johnny Lewis


Caroline North broadcasts 2017