Live Broadcasts from the Ross Revenge

Weekend December 15th to 16th


Christmas dinner cooked by Dave Foster and Andrew Austin is about to devoured


Christmas pudding getting overheated??


Peter Phillips getting a bit of fresh air.


Its a cracker, its the way I pull them


Ray Clark in action


Christmas dinner cooked by Dave Foster and Andrew Austin is about to be served.


Barry James looking very Christmassy


Ray Clark getting ready for his show on Saturday afternoon


Passion & The Veins dancing on the back deck


Passion & The Veins are set to launch their careers from the Ross Revenge today during the Radio Caroline North live broadcast. Northern Soul singers Sally Molloy and Poppy Beresford have been filming a video on the ship to go with their forthcoming single which will be released in the new year. The weather was windy and cold but they kept warm dancing on the back deck (Johnny Lewis report)

Weekend November 24th to 25th 2018

Grant Benson having fun...


Dave Foster on air Saturday evening


Grant Benson once more


Studio 3


Dave Foster and Andrew Austin doing what fellas do in the kitchen


Steve Anthony keeping things on course


Relaxation time


Grant Benson


Happy Johnny Lewis


Johnny setting things up for the weekend


Grant Benson, Peter Phillips, Andrew Austin, Dave Foster, Steve Anthony and Johnny Lewis

Feed us NOW!!!


The man him selfie Grant Benson


Weekend October 20th to 21st 2018

All ready for another epic voyage


Nick Jackson gets things under way


He's back again! Paul McKenna is on Radio Caroline NORTH with Manx Radio 


 Peter Philips returns to Caroline North once again


Ray Clark enjoying the sunshine


Steve Anthony


Dave Foster in Studio 3


Andrew Austin in Studio 2


Steve Anthony


Early morning on the Ross


Weekend September 22nd to 23rd 2018

Welcome back Rob Ashard to Radio Caroline North live from the Ross Revenge.


Dave Foster on Saturday evening


Up on deck of the Ross Revenge


Johnny Lewis holding the ship steady


Nick Jackson in the record library


Peter Phillips doing a great job


Kevin Turner gets under way



Weekend August 11th to 12th 2018

Johnny Lewis


Kevin Turner at the controls


Nick Jackson who's show started at midnight


Dave Foster before his Saturday night show


Ray Clark really on the ropes


Peter Phillips and Johnny Lewis at the base of the aerial mast on the Ross Revenge


Paul McKenna is back!


Kevin Turner with a surprise single


Paul McKenna arriving back to the Ross for the first time since 1984


Paul McKenna and the Radio Caroline North team prepare to sail for the radio-ship Ross Revenge.



Weekend July 21st to 22nd 2018

Salesman Steve Anthony


We have ways of making light bulbs work, or not


Big wave from Nick Jackson


The DJs on the Ross Revenge tonight enjoying their favourite ales from

the Suffolk brewer Adnams - Ghost Ship and Southwold Bitter


Dave Foster


Nick Jackson onboard the Ross Revenge


Kevin Turner and Steve Anthony, what are they up to?


Raising the flag once more


Here we go again, Dave Foster, Ray Clark, Nick Jackson, Kevin Turner and Steve Anthony

Weekend June 23rd to 24th 2018

Visitors come aboard the "Ross" including RNLI Lifeboat crew


RNLI Lifeboat crew from West Mersea 


RNLI Lifeboat crew from West Mersea with presenter Johnny Lewis


Kevin Turner at the controls


Johnny Lewis and the "All Time Top 500"


Dave Foster and that POSH toilet


Lots of very inquisitive sailing boats


Kevin Turner flying the Flag


Johnny Lewis also flying the flag


Caroline Flashback was live from the Ross Revenge for 2 hours from 10 on Friday evening,

With Dave Foster, Andrew Austin, Kevin Turner, Peter Philips and Johnny Lewis.


How many DJ's go to work in a boat?

Weekend May 12th to 13th 2018

Kevin Turner already to go on Sunday


Salesman Johnny Lewis


Very happy Ray Clark


Dave Foster and his Beatles


Caroline North gets its Seal of approval


Well I'll doggone!


Kevin Turner getting under way on Saturday morning


Flags already for the weekend


Peter Phillips, Johnny Lewis, Kevin Turner on their way to the Ross

Easter Weekend March 30th to April 2nd 2018

Ray Clark


Dave Foster


Ray Clark


Feeding Time


Grant Benson, Selfie??


One of the recent boat trips out to the Ross Revenge


Kevin Turner gets things under way on Good Friday


Flying the Caroline flag for the Easter weekend


On their way




February 17th to 18th weekend 2018

Chris Pearson ready for the last show of the February Caroline North  weekend.


Kevin Turner on Sunday morning


A very calm River Blackwater on Sunday


John Ellery back onboard again


Rather pensive looking Kevin Turner in the record library


Nick Jackson already to go


Presenters Johnny Lewis, Nick Jackson, Chris Pearson, Kevin Turner and John Ellery

January 20th to 21st weekend 2018

Johnny Lewis on the latest iPhone



Dave Foster poses in the former 'Overdrive' studio on the Ross Revenge


Johnny Lewis planning a trip??


Nick Jackson


Kevin Turner


Jerry Wright, Kevin Turner, Dave Foster, Nick Jackson and Johnny Lewis