Live Broadcasts from the Ross Revenge

November 26th to  27th weekend 2016

Pinball Wizard? Andrew Austin


Johnny Lewis hanging around


Ray Clark doing what he does best


Barry James doing the Saturday 7 to 9 show


Now that what you call a sunset


Johnny Lewis enjoying a well earnt cuppa


The crew are en route to the MV Ross Revenge for the final Manx Radio 1368khz weekend of 2016


 October 29th to 30th weekend 2016

Johnny Lewis


Kevin Turner with a cuddly friend


Visitors ready to board


Nick Richards chatting to visitors live on air


Nick Richards welcomes first visitor onboard


Somehow a real pirate sneaked onboard


Two Amigos


Nick Richards


Early morning calm


Nick Richards & Chris Pearson (alias Smith and Jones)


Nick Richards live on deck of the "Ross"

September 24th to 25th weekend 2016

Here we go again... en route to the MV Ross Revenge for another weekend on Radio Caroline 

Kevin Turner, Peter Philips, Johnny Lewis and Chris Pearson 


Chris Pearson onboard the Ross Revenge with new Radio Caroline flag


Peter Philips returns to the Ross Revenge


Kevin Turner


Johnny Lewis mid sentence?


visitor George from East Grimstead


Ginger also from East Grimstead


Fluttering in the breeze the new Caroline flag


Razorbill 3 ready to make trip to the Ross Revenge


All aboard!


Stuart Belbin, skipper of Razorbill 3


Nearly there


Visitors about to board the Ross Revenge




Albert Hood right doing what he does best


Maggie Powell a visitor onboard





July 30th to 31st weekend 2016

The night before


A hungry Chris Pearson


At the ready Kevin Turner


Andrew Austin


Barry James at the helm?


Chris Pearson


Dave Foster

June 25th to 26th weekend 2016

The crew aboard Radio Caroline's MV Ross Revenge in the Blackwater Estuary show their support for Armed Forces Day.



Chris Pearson


Nick Jackson


April 23th to 24th Weekend 2016

The Ross Revenge Boys


Kevin Turner


Chris Pearson


Dave Foster


Steve Anthony


March 25th to 28th Easter Weekend 2016

Easter Monday marked 52 years since Radio Caroline launched back in 1964 and the station has been expanding rapidly over the past year. Radio Caroline’s ship the Ross Revenge now situated on the River Blackwater in Essex is now used to broadcast Caroline North programmes once a month on the Internet and these programmes are also available on Manx Radio’s 1368AM transmitter. Presenters include Ray Clark, Barry James, Johnny Lewis, Dave Foster, Steve Anthony, Kevin Turner, John Ellery and Chris Pearson. The main Caroline stream featuring classic tunes from the past 50 years is now on DAB in Glasgow, Portsmouth, Norwich and Woking and a new internet stream called Caroline Flashback featuring hits from the late 1950s up to late 1970s has also started.    


This Easter broadcast was a fundraiser for the station, taking place across all three channels it operates and the money raised will be shared between continuing expansion of its broadcasts and Ross Revenge expenses. The monthly Caroline North broadcast continued to trace the history of Radio Caroline covering the years 1978-1980, culminating in the loss of the radio ship Mi Amigo on March 20th 1980. Using 4G technology the broadcast was very successful and gave a taste of what the station sounded like back in the early days in the North Sea. During this latest broadcast storm Katie made the broadcast sound very authentic with the sound of the high wind coming through the studio window.


More details of how you can support the station can be found on Throughout the Easter weekend they were  filming life on board the radio ship and if you were able to donate £25 or more, or joined the Radio Caroline Support Group you would have been sent a DVD of the film.
















February 27th & 28th 2016

Andre Austin. John Ellery, Kevin Turner and Chris Pearson


Chris Pearson


Andrew Austin on air

Kevin Turner


John Ellery



Live Broadcast from the Ross Revenge

January 30th& 31st 2016

The latest Radio Caroline North broadcast on 30-31st January featured interviews from those involved during August 1974 when the Dutch government followed their British counterparts seven years earlier and introduced a law outlawing offshore radio. Caroline once again took the decision to continue broadcasting and the broadcasting ship Mi Amigo returned from Holland to the Essex coast. Another broken anchor chain and subsequent drifting inside territorial waters and boarding by government officials meant her future hung in the balance. Once again this broadcast went out on 1368 kHz to the Isle of Man, areas of western Scotland, Northern Island and down the west coast of England courtesy of Manx Radio from 08.30am on Saturday morning till 9pm on Sunday night. Another excellent broadcast that also went out on the main Caroline outlets including the new DAB transmitters which I believe is the first time that a broadcast from the Ross Revenge has gone out on DAB. Well done to all those involved.

Chris Pearson




Barry James




Dave Foster




Live Broadcasts from the Ross Revenge

October November 2015

All together on final evening


John Ellery presenting on the Caroline North special via Manx Radio, Nov 30th 2015


Barry James during his show on Caroline North special


Left side:- KEVIN Turner, Barry James, Keith Stimpson and Alan Beech

Right side:- Roland Beaney, Derek May and Dave Foster


John Ellery on air from Ross Revenge Saturday November 28th


Parking no problem..


KEVIN Turner, John Ellery, Dave Foster and Barry James


John Ellery once more.




Barry James during broadcast from the Ross Revenge November 1st 2015


Andrew Austin, Kevin Turner, Barry James, Dave Foster and Chris Pearson

broadcasting from the Ross Revenge November 1st 2015


Dave Foster and Kevin Turner broadcasting from the Ross Revenge November 1st 2015



Manx Radio joins Caroline Nov 2014


Click for interview on

Whilst onboard the Ross Revenge on November 7th Marc Tyley of Manx Radio took a few photos to mark the occasion. Photos include Chris Williams, Alan Turner, Peter Moore, Keith Stimpson and various parts of the "Ross"


Alan Turner interview..


A great guy who was on Caroline in the very early days was Alan Turner. Alan is pictured in the Radio Caroline studio on Friday 7th November being interviewed by Steve Anthony.(See YouTube Video) Alan was on board the Caroline ship during the historic voyage around the coast to the Isle of Man back in 1965 and he spoke about this voyage.

The Isle of Man radio station Manx Radio are doing joint programmes with Radio Caroline to celebrate two events that happened in 1964 heralding a new era in broadcasting that was to have lasting repercussions in broadcasting and Alan Turner was part of this.


Manx Radio guys approaching the Ross


Getting closer




Chris Williams of Manx Radio


Roland Beaney washing up


Chris Williams at home in the Ross studio




Having a look on deck


Peter Moore, Chris Williams, Roland Beaney, Martin Fisher and Keith Stimpson


Alan Turner

Alan Turner is pictured here in the Radio Caroline studio on Friday 7th October being interviewed by Steve Anthony


Alan Turner Chris Williams

Alan Turner with Chris Williams from Manx Radio speaking about the link up between Manx Radio and Radio Caroline.

Chris Williams presents the Carnaby Street programme on Manx Radio.

Caroline North broadcasts 2017