Ross Revenge in Blackwater Jan-Jun 2016

Maintenance Crew 14/15 May







Maintenance Crew 5/6/7 February

Two very tired crew members


Derek May, a chip off the old block


Roger Tricker


George Scullion  and Alan Beech hanging on...


Roger Tricker


David Noakes


Mandy Marton and David Noakes


George Scullion  and Alan Beech


Roger Tricker


Derek May


George Johnson


George Scullion


David Noakes


Mandy Marton


Derek May, Mandy Marton, Roger Tricker and David Noakes


Safety gear


Mike Webb and Keith Stimpson


Birds eye view


Left back is Nick (fisherman), Left Front is George and on the right is Peter Crisp


After a very long day (and night)

Peter Crisp, Alan Beech, Mandy Marton, George, Mike Webb and Nick