Ross Revenge in Blackwater Jan-Jun 2018

June 16th - 18th

Restoration crew stand proudly in front of the flag during England's first World Cup match


A closer view


The crew on the Ross Revenge are flying the flag for England football team



Peter Tricker


George Scullion painting


Nick Farrant


David Noakes wired for sound?


Paul Brown fitting spotlights


Steve Swallow


George Scullion painting the toilet


The finished result


April 21st - 22nd

New 648 deck logo photo now added

21st to 22nd April was another working weekend for the maintenance crew on board the Ross Revenge. Much of it involved Painting and cleaning, pictured Derek May and Steve Swallow. Nick Farrant is also pictured doing some engineering work with Alan Beech.

We also had some visitors that came out over the weekend on boat trips.  

New 648 logo


Some of the visitors that came out over the weekend on boat trips.


Steve Swallow and Derek May


Nick Farrant



March 17th - 18th

The pictures show the team on board the Ross Revenge 16th to 18th March and a visitor that made it out to the Ross without the need of a boat. We think the visitor decided to take a rest after battling the strong cold easterly wind that we had all weekend with some snow thrown in for good measure. The new spotlights in the engine room are now working and the ship has been cleaned.





The visitor that didn't need a boat


Feb 3rd - 4th

We had several tours visiting us during Sunday. For a list of proposed dates for 2018 and other important information go to the Boat Trip Information page  or call 07535 493501, or email 



David Noaks


Paul Brown and Georg Scullion


George Scullion


David Noaks once again



Mike Webb and Nick Farrant


Mark Eden from Cornwall


A wee bit of relaxation


All ready for home after a busy weekend


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