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% Ross Update %

The Ross Revenge web site has just been updated by Chris Beech and a few more pages have now been completed with lots of new photo's and articles. If you are interested in the engineering side of the ship then this is the place for you. See the new studio and the Christmas decorations go to http://www.rossrevenge.co.uk/

% Steve Szmidt Report %

Wednesday 22nd December 2004.

It was great to hear the news that Radio Caroline had returned to the Astra 19.2 degrees satellite. This currently makes the station available again to the German Caroline supporters, but this may only be short lived, because there is talk of a Technisat receiver fitted with a Conax CAM being required to receive Radio Caroline and other bundled radio stations. Therefore, enjoy it while you can.

The Christmas party came and went on the 12th at the Riga Bar in Southend. There are reports and pictures on various websites, including the official Radio Caroline UK website. Roland Beaney, from Woodleynet was my "stand in" reporter!  (See report below)

Rob Leighton has announced he is doing a special Christmas Eve breakfast show featuring 60's and 70's music. Listen to Rob from 06.00 hours.

Next Tuesday evening (28th) there is a special Christmas 60's and 70's show with Barry James, Clive Gerrard and hopefully sponsor Peter Smith from PC Estates. Listen from 21.00 hours (UK time)

The Mark Stafford presentation of the Procul Harum Story, featuring interviews with Gary Brooker, is currently being advertised on air. Make a note in your diary to listen at 19.00 hours (UK time) on Boxing Day.

It was nice to hear Tony Christian back last Saturday morning (18th). It's incredible how someone can have so much bad luck. Let's hope Tony has a much better year in 2005. Pandora was also back on the same day, but returned complete with a sore throat.

JP did his last show of 2004 on Tuesday (21st) and played some festive fun, some of which he had also featured in his preceding Saturday programme. Enjoy your break John.

Roger Day has not been heard as previously announced, because he has been given some paid work on Birmingham's Saga Radio. He is doing the weekday breakfast show, after Les Ross suddenly left the station to join the local BBC radio station (Radio WM). Les, like Roger, is a great presenter and a very much sought after celebratory in the West Midlands.

This will probably be my last report this year. I would like to thank Peter Moore and all those involved in Radio Caroline for bringing us yet another great year of broadcasting. 2004 was a milestone year with some great 40th Birthday celebrations, including the successful RSL from Tilbury and several parties, although I still think there should have been one UNITED MASSIVE PARTY. This year also had it's sad moments, including the loss of legendary DJ's Tony Allan and John Peel and Jenny Knight, long time supporter of the station and Editor of Horizon Magazine, plus that terrible accident that hospitalised Barry Crompton, one of the original Caroline and Offshore Radio supporters. My thoughts are with John Knight, Barry and their families at this difficult time.

May I wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a Peaceful 2005.


Steve Szmidt, Ashford, Kent.

% Caroline Xmas Party Report %

The Caroline Christmas party took place at the Riga Bar in Southend on Sunday 12th December. I have never been to one of these events so I decided to go along this year to meet some of the presenters and soak up some of the atmosphere. It was a cold and overcast morning when I arrived on the Tilbury landing stage for the first part of the day on board the Ross Revenge. I walked into the mess room and I was pleasantly surprised to find it warm and cosy and full of people. The new central heating boiler seems to be working well. The Caroline sales table had lots of people gathered round it looking at the large range of goods for sale. Whenever I visit the ship someone always finds a job for me and I was soon putting up the Christmas decorations. The mess room, the studio and the record library were then covered with tinsel and pretty paper. At 2.30pm we all drove in convoy to Southend for the second part of the day. People were already gathering when we arrived and it was like meeting old friends. Everyone was chatting to each other and sharing stories of Caroline. It was a very good atmosphere and although I was alone I found myself talking to complete strangers. We all seemed to know each other even though many of us had never met before. Clive Garrard, Howard Copitch and I went next door and enjoyed an excellent meal in the restaurant and when we returned it was time for the speeches. Peter Moore was first and he started with a comprehensive round up of all the years’ main news including the surprise new satellite frequency for European listeners provided by Technisat. He said this would continue indefinitely but there may be a small charge introduced eventually. He then gave us a brief of plans for next year and details of a new Worldspace Radio the AMI combined with a possible special deal. A detailed synopsis followed of the financial situation of the station and Peter reported that it was running in the black but it only needed a major problem to occur to put the station in the red again. He said that the Newsbeat magazine will be coming out early in the New Year so I won’t go into detail here but it was nice to hear what happens to all of our donations from the Boss. He also gave an opportunity for everyone to ask questions and gave some detailed answers. He said there were always lots of rumours doing the rounds about Caroline and that contrary to speculation he has not bought the communicator but who knows what will happen in the future. He did state that he would never use Caroline money for this type of venture. In his summing up of the past year he mentioned people we have lost including Tony Allan and Jenny Knight and paid a moving tribute to both of them. It was nice to meet Albert and Georgina Hood for the first time and Albert told us some amusing stories of their work in supplying the ship during the years they were at sea. Mike Brill gave us an update of technical things including the new stereo streams and the problems with the link from the ship to Maidstone and how he is confident the problems will be overcome. Alan Beech gave us an update about some of the work that has taken place on board the Ross Revenge this year. After the formal part of the party the band arrived and everyone had a drink or two and enjoyed the music.

Peter Moore also mentioned that he was trying to arrange a local community broadcast from the Ross and some kind of youth training scheme was also a possibility. He is working with the local community associations as a thank you for the low rent that Caroline is being charged for the Ross in Tilbury. Also WRN have given Caroline a free months uplinking because of the change of frequency thanks to some careful negotiating from Peter Moore. This refund has paid Caroline's licence fee.

% Caroline Have Changed Frequency %

Radio Caroline's new Sky Digital frequency is; 11390 Vertical SR 27500 FEC 2/3. Please retune now! Output on 11585H has now ceased. Full re-tuning details below and the reasons for this change are available on the official web-site: www.radiocaroline.co.uk  . Please tell all your friends and anyone you know who listens to Radio Caroline via digital satellite to re-tune their receivers. It is hoped that Stereo transmissions will begin on the Internet soon.

 Radio Caroline is now also broadcasting via Astra 2C (19.2° East). 10.832 horizontal (transponder 57) Audio-PID 4128 Symbol rate 22.000 FEC 5/6 SID 61966

% From Peter Moore %

This is a letter from Peter Moore with the latest position on the EPG Fund. The letter is reproduced with kind permission from Peter Moore and the Horizon Magazine website http://www.horizonmagazine.co.uk/rcs.html

How YOU can help secure Caroline’s future. To have a commercial future Radio Caroline needs to take full advantage of the Sky Digital platform with its own channel number in the Sky Electronic Program Guide or EPG.

Radio Caroline’s Station Manager Peter Moore explains:

9th December 2004 The fund intended to get Caroline a channel number ( EPG ) currently stands at a little more than £7000. Once this would have been very close to the required fee for the first year but as we know, Sky increased the yearly fee from £8000 to £20.000 One barrier has been that Sky will not deal with individuals, only corporations, but they have just decided that, in this case and with certain assurances, they will deal with me.

We could have booked a channel number starting late November but both John Knight and I agreed that with only one third of the funding in place it was unwise to take such a big leap in the dark. So we are now in line for the next round of channel numbers issued well in to 2005. This however gives us some months to reserve more income.

The station had some historic debt that was being paid in instalments, but again we both agreed that this debt should be paid off in case this itself caused a barrier to obtaining the EPG. John contributed about one third of the outstanding balance and Caroline the other two thirds. This debt is now cleared.

So far the station has contributed £700 to the fund ( approx 10% of the total ). I can now return to forwarding the Newsline and Making Waves income to the EPG fund. My guess is that this will amount to £3000 approx by the time we are next offered a channel number. The stations contribution then will be 40% of the total not taking in to account any additional donations. In this respect, John is about to mail all of those people who took part in our Audience Survey. He will mail 500 persons to test reaction and if the response is reasonable he will mail the balance of 1500 or so. He has explained that this is the last BIG task he will take on for Caroline.

People have asked whether this EPG is really going to increase our audience and we conclude that it will. Anyone listening for instance to Capital Gold will notice how much they promote their Sky channel number and how many of their callers are Sky listeners. Of course in competing with Capital and the many other stations on Sky we have to consider the quality of our programming. This is a matter to be addressed while we are raising money and waiting for a fresh batch of channel numbers to become available.

Peter Moore

% Steve Szmidt Report %

Sunday 5th December 2004

Radio Caroline has really tried to compete with the BBC this week and they certainly beat them on the number of repeats. Each morning when I woke up I felt like Bill Murray in the film “Groundhog Day”, because the Steve Selby and Rob Leighton Breakfast programmes that I heard were the same as last week and at the time of writing this report, Mark Dezzani’s Sunday evening programme is a repeat of last weeks. Also, according to a friend of mine who is currently able to listen to Caroline during the day, last week there were hardly any live programmes, with one exception being John Patrick. Thankfully Roger Day has just announced he will be doing daytime programmes on Wednesday’s through to Friday’s from now until Christmas. (Roger has now announced that he will be doing a breakfast show on Saga in the Midlands but is going to try to do some shows for Caroline).

This weekend there were some “Live” programmes from the Ross Revenge, but others switched back to Maidstone. One from the ship was the Saturday overnight marathon debut of joint presenters Suzy and Sam. I only heard their first couple of hours and I suppose it wasn’t too bad for a first attempt.

Don’t forget that this week (12th) is the FREE Caroline Christmas Party at the Riga Bar in Southend. I won’t be there myself, because it looks like I will have to be up early on the following morning to catch a flight to Milan, Italy from London Heathrow. To the organisers and everyone going along, I hope the event will be a great success, plus an enjoyable and memorable day. The Ross is also open in the morning from 09.00 to 14.00 hours. Also, lets hope that donations to the Sky Electronic Programme Guide fund will be healthy, because there has been little movement in this over the last few months. The fund currently stands at £7170, which is quite a bit short of the £20.000 required to get 12 months on the EPG.

I wonder if Caroline will be doing any special programmes over Christmas and New Year. Mark Stafford mentioned he was currently preparing an interview with Procul Harums’ Gary Brooker, so maybe that will be one to watch out for. If I hear of any definite plans, I will let you know. The Dutch Arrow are doing their usual Rock 500 this Christmas between the 20th and 24th December. You can submit your own personal Top 10 Rock favourite list to the station by going to: http://www.arrow.nl/rock/rock500/index.php I think this may be used to comply the Top 500, although I cannot be sure, because I do not speak Dutch!

Until next time,


Steve Szmidt, Ashford, Kent, England.

% Caroline DAB? %

Radio Caroline is not available on DAB Radio's in the UK. Unfortunately all the DAB licences have been snapped up by the big radio organisations. They are also very expensive and the costs involved are well out of Caroline's reach. DAB like FM is only a local broadcasting outlet . Caroline are a national broadcasting organisation and therefore a local DAB outlet would not be much use to them as they would need many transmitters all over the country. However Caroline are broadcasting on DAB in parts of Italy. Radio Caroline and RTL 102.5 Hit Radio, one of Italy's leading national networks, recently signed a deal for the legendary former offshore station to broadcast as part of the Italian station's national DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) package. Caroline can now be heard in most of Italy's major cities including Rome, Milan, Turin, Bologna, Florence and Naples. See http://www.rtl.it/copdab1.asp and www.radiocaroline.co.uk for more details. RTL 102.5 DJ Grant Benson who brokered the deal has developed a customised service consisting of a mix of Radio Caroline's UK output from its studios at the Maidstone TV Centre and locally originated programming in Milan. Benson who was a Caroline DJ onboard the Ross Revenge radio-ship in the 1980s says that the Radio Caroline legend is well known in Italy. "Up until now there has been no dedicated classic rock service in Italy, and Radio Caroline is a very evocative name to build the potential of this popular format,"

There is another method of broadcasting that may be available soon, it is called DRM and that may be a possibility for the future. We can only wait and hope that until then someone will offer Caroline a cheap deal on DAB although that seems unlikely. We have Worldspace, Sky Digital and the Internet to keep us going until then.

% Hear Chris B Again %

There is another Caroline party on line for the Chris B fan club. This is the second Chris B programme from Seborga and you can listen again on http://www.carolinesouth.com/carolineparty.htm The programme includes the following classics: Pyramids-Geronimo, Prince Buster-Don't Throw Stones and Judge Dreads Dr. Ring Ding and Big 7


% Caroline In 2005 %

"What future would you like to see for Radio Caroline and the Ross Revenge in 2005?"

I am finding it difficult to come up with an answer to the above question that is a little different to what has been written and discussed so many times before. We all know what we want from the station but I think the question should be not what we want but how do we get it. I want Caroline to be transmitting from the Ross on the usual outlets and also on DAB. I want the usual outlets to be in stereo and a listing on the Sky EPG. I want the Ross to be re furbished and become a permanent floating radio museum as well as a living museum of what it was like working on a trawler. I want Caroline to become an example of what radio should be like in the UK. There should be at least two Caroline's, one of them should be an example of what the pirates did in the 60's and another doing what Caroline does today with more progressive and modern music. Rock music should play a big part in its output. The difficult part of the above question is how we achieve this with the resources available without selling out to a big organisation. If Caroline became a charitable trust or similar then perhaps a lottery grant would be available or perhaps a big advertiser would become available. I know the problems that Peter Moore faces and its a not easy. I wish Peter Moore and everyone else in the organisation that continue to put in a lot of effort to keep Caroline broadcasting all the best for the New Year. You can help by making a regular donation to The Radio Caroline Support fund. Please contact me for more details at rolandbeaney@tiscali.co.uk  or you could support Caroline by buying something from Caroline Sales or Horizon sales on www.horizonmagazine.co.uk plus you could ring the premium rate phone line on 0906 7669990. Rates for advertising or sponsoring a programme are available from Peter Moore the station manager at Radio Caroline, 426 Archway Road, Highgate, London, N6 4JH. You can also write to this address if you want to join the support group. Lets keep the dream alive.

% My Latest Ross Visit %

I went aboard the Ross last weekend and was surprised at the amount of grass growing through the deck. At this rate the deck will be looking greener than my lawn. Now how does the grass grow so much better on the deck of a ship than on my lawn and where do the seeds come from? I spend a good deal of time and money trying to get grass to grow on my lawn. Weed and feed preparations still do not stop the weeds from growing but the grass on the Ross was completely weed free. When I put seed on my lawn the birds soon eat most of it and the empty patches never seem to grass over. Perhaps someone cold tell me how I can get grass to grow on my lawn as easily as it seems to grow on the deck of the Ross. Perhaps it is time to sow vegetables on the deck and a row of lettuce would be good for a start!!! The ship is looking reasonably good now, perhaps not as good as she did in the 1980s but she is getting on in years and if it looks too comfortable on board then we would get an impression that life at sea as a pirate was better than we thought. The ship at present is perhaps a good example of what it would have been like at sea and I think visitors would expect to see it like that.

% Roger (Twiggy) Day Message %


Things show no sign of easing off in the next few weeks. Not that I'm complaining, it's nice to be in demand again. So here is where you can catch me, if you are that way inclined.

Thursday & Friday:-Radio Caroline 10.00-13.00 Usual Sat Morning at Saga in Brum 9.00-12.00 (all fifties & sixties) Next Weds/Thurs & Fri(17th,18th & 19th):-BBC Radio Kent 13.30-16.30 Monday-Friday(22nd-26th) Saga in Brum 6.00-9.00 Same the following week 29th-3rd Dec Thursday Dec 23rd:-BBC Radio Kent 13.300-16.30 Then All week at Saga again 27th Dec to 3rd Jan

So possibly some more Caroline broadcasts between 6th & 22nd Dec.

Now to more social events. There are a number of people in the midlands who have said it would be nice to meet up for a drink when I'm up there. Sounds good to me, only trouble is I can never remember who that applies to (It's age). So please let me know who is up for it.

Also next march is my sixtieth birthday as well as the fortieth anniversary of my first disc spinning. I would hate such a prestigious landmark to go unnoticed. Therefore I am attempting to find out the level of interest in a bash to celebrate this. Nothing definite but I guess it would be in the midlands so that my friends in the north and south would have the same amount of travel. The proposed itinerary would be: Decent size venue with stage Beach Boys Tribute band (don't think the Beach Boys themselves or Brian Wilson would be in the price range) Buffet Disco with proper music including me playing songs and memories and hopefully some old colleagues and friends from all my eras and travels. Souvenir T shirt and maybe a run of I Dig Twig badges and pens.

I would also try and arrange discounted accommodation at hotels.

Obviously there would have to be a charge but any profits would be split between the Alzheimer's Society and Cancer Research.

Anyway first stage is to know how many would be interested in attending such an event. If it is of no interest I'll just settle for a small family gathering.

Over to you

Best Wishes


% Another Day On The Ross %


I went along to the Ross today (7/11/04) arriving at 10am. There weren't too many people about so I went aboard and soon found Alan Beach with a vacuum cleaner cleaning out the studio's and the record library. Dave Fox was doing the show live in the studio which had been completely changed round and refitted. It looked ok but still needed more work to finish it off. Its the first time that I have met Dave and he made everyone welcome in the studio. I met up with a few people that were on the Ross in August and took a few visitors around the ship on tours. I invited several people to tour the ship while they were waiting for
the ferry and they seemed impressed. The Caroline sales table was set up in the mess and there were lots of goodies on sale. The weather had turned colder with a damp drizzle in the air when I left a 3pm
but I had enjoyed meeting up with everyone. Its a shame that there wasn't more people visiting and hopefully more will be on board Sunday. There was talk that there would be another broadcast next weekend from the ship but check later in the week.



Caroline Flashbacks

One of the famous DJs on Radio Caroline in the 60s was Johnny Walker. He became very popular with his 9 - 12pm shows which included a "Kiss in the car" segment where couples could snuggle up in their cars at 11pm to the sound of "When A Man Loves A Woman" by Percy Sledge. This song became a Caroline anthem and the "Kiss in the car" stickers became sought after. Johnny now works for the BBC on Radio 2.

Another show that became popular was the Frinton "Flashing" Hundreds of motorists would park their cars on the seafront at Frinton and Walton on the Naze and flash their headlights out to sea where the ship was at anchor 3 and a half miles out. The DJs would stand on the deck asking questions and the motorists would flash their headlights with two flashes for no and one for yes. Apparently it was an incredible sight to see all the cars flashing their headlights on command. It must be remembered that the guys on the ship were very cut off and had no phones except for emergencies so this was a way of contacting the listeners for them. I suppose this was the first interactive service another first for Caroline!!!

Various boats were taking visitors out to the ships from the Essex coast. The DJs looked forward to these visits as life could become very boring on board because some of them stayed out there for several weeks at a time. The ships could be seen from the shore and many people particularly those on holiday during the summer would go out to see them. The staff on the ship would leap about on board when they saw a boat approaching and shout out greetings. If you were very lucky and the sea was calm the boat would go up very close but contact with the ship was forbidden and you could not go on board without going through customs.

Radio Caroline On Sky Digital

Radio Caroline are accessible on Sky Digital boxes. If you have a Sky Digital system you can listen to the world famous station by tuning in on 11390 GHz Vertical Polarity (V), Symbol rate 27.5 and FEC 2/3. If this sounds a bit complicated then don't worry because its easy. Press services on your Sky digital remote and then press 4 and 4 again. Enter the frequency 11390, then move down and select V. This can be done by pressing the left or right arrow buttons next to the select button. Make sure the Symbol Rate is set as 27.5 and FEC is set as 2/3. Finally scroll down until you highlight the find channels box and press select. After a few seconds a list of stations will appear on screen, highlight Radio Caroline and press the yellow button ( a tick appears). Now press select twice to store to "Other Channels". To listen to Radio Caroline at any time press services followed by 6 (Other Channels) and select Radio Caroline. Don't worry you won't effect any of your Sky channels by doing this.

Anorak Tip: If you delete all your "Other Channels" entries before you store Radio Caroline, Caroline will be top of the list. Therefore you will only have to press three buttons to listen to Caroline, "Services", "6" and "Select". This would be the same number of buttons you'd have to press for any EPG number. Then of course you will have to re-save the channels that you deleted, if you still want them.

Worldspace continues as a portable means of listening to Caroline and you can take it to work, on holiday in the Mediterranean or into the garden and remember Worldspace has another 30 radio stations including The Hop, Bob, Ultra pop, country. Voyager and classical music.

Caroline Phone No's etc.

Caroline's frequency on $ky Digital is 11390Ghz (V) , Symbol rate 27.5 and FEC 2/3.

The Radio Caroline phone line is often updated, if you ring 0906 7669990 you can get all the latest news on Radio Caroline. Calls cost 50p per minute and all proceeds go to help to keep the broadcasts and the ship going. The staff of Radio Caroline like to hear from their listeners. You can contact them by ringing the Maidstone studios on 01622 684400 or send a fax to 01622 622485. You can send an email to piratecaroline@aol.com or write to Peter Moore the station manager at Radio Caroline, 426 Archway Road, Highgate, London, N6 4JH. You can also write to this address if you want to join the supporters group and make a regular donation to help to get them onto Sky or Worldspace. You can also contact me for any further details.


Caroline History

"This is Radio Caroline on 558"

Radio Caroline first started broadcasting at Easter 1964. I was on my school holidays and getting a little bored. I had a cassette recorder and every week I recorded the top 20 chart show from the BBC Light programme on Sunday afternoon. There was not much music on the radio those days and so I could play back the programme over and over again. I listened to some of the Dutch stations at the time and workers playtime, music while you work and listen with mother were the highlights of the BBC weekly offering. Radio Luxembourg was the only pop music station on the air during the evenings with a strong signal that faded badly. I was tuning the dial when I found a very strong signal playing pop music. Suddenly a voice said "This is a test transmission for Radio Caroline on 199 your all day music station" It was Simon Dee and Chris Moore. Little did I know how this would change my life. This was BBC Radio's biggest challenge and the beginning of a radio revolution for he UK. Soon many other stations joined them on boats and forts in the North Sea. Radio London, Radio City, Radio 390, Radio England. Britain Radio. Caroline North (Irish Sea), Radio 270 and Radio Scotland also arrived. I made my parents take holidays in Clacton so that I could visit the ships on boats from Walton on the Naze and I remember leaning over the side of the old Mi Amigo talking to Tony Blackburn and Roger Day getting them to play my requests on the Big Line up programme at 4pm. This fun went on until 1967 when the government passed a law banning these stations and all but Radio Caroline closed down.

On August 14th 1967 the government's bill to silence all the stations was made law and all the stations closed down except one and that was Radio Caroline. I was supposed to be working that day but at 2pm I disappeared into a stack of boxes of light bulbs for an hour with my transistor radio and earpiece and listened to the last hour of Radio London. I will never forget that last hour they closed with "A  day in the life" by the Beatles and Paul Kay said, "Radio London is now closing down".  I turned over to Caroline and heard Johnny Walker say, we welcome all the new listeners and Caroline continues. Luckily no one had missed me all that time and I still had my job. Caroline's programmes that evening were unmissable and the midnight "We shall overcome" and Johnny Walker sailing up the Thames story was legendary and Radio at its best.  Caroline continued for some time but found it difficult with money running out. I remember tuning in one day and there was nothing there and later in the day I heard the TV newsman say that Radio Caroline's north and south ships had been towed away to Holland due to unpaid bills although there has always been some doubt about that.

Since then they have been on and off the air, on several boats, gone adrift and sank. Many people thought that when they sank in the early seventies they had gone forever. That is not so as they returned in 1983 on another boat, the Ross Revenge an  ex trawler. In the hurricane of 1987 the mast , which was the highest ship born structure of that time blew down but they still continued with a temporary structure. Soon after the Dutch and British governments raided the ship and closed it down but they still came back. Eventually they went adrift on the Goodwin sands and incredibly were towed off by a  Dover Harbour tug and taken to Dover.  When the ship The Ross Revenge was pulled off the Goodwin sands  harbour board tug It was the start of a remarkable comeback by Caroline. One of the only ships to be pulled off of these dangerous sands the ship was taken into Dover harbour and because of a restriction order on it forbidding it to go to sea much work had to be done by the northern repair group  before they could bring the ship out again and all this work was carried out by volunteers free. The salvage bill was paid after great support from Dover harbour board and the ship then moved to various locations around the Kent and Essex coast before settling at Queenborough on the Isle of Sheppey where I visited the ship and saw the amount of work  that had been carried out by the dedicated team. The ship was looking much more respectable now. Some money had been raised with the Radio Caroline support group and R.S.L broadcasts from the ship and one of these had taken place in London when the ship proudly sailed up the Thames as in the Johnny Walker story. This had raised money to put the ship into Chatham Dockyard for a check on the dent that was the result of their running aground on the Goodwin Sands.

During the late 90s the Caroline ship the Ross Revenge was moored in various places in the Thames estuary. Several R.S.L broadcasts took place from the ship during this period. The first was from off the Essex coast, then they moved to Docklands in London and they only just moved the ship out when the big bomb blast took place that would have done serious damage to the ship. The next was from Chatham and then Queenborough. In August 1999 the ship was moved to the end of Clacton pier for the summer and another R.S.L broadcast took place. During this time talks were taking place with an organisation that were trying to bring back Radio Luxembourg. The plan was to use the Ross Revenge as a studio moored in London Docklands and relay the programmes up to the Astra satellite from the ship until a permanent  studio could be built.  This would have brought in lots of money for Caroline and a rebuild of their studios. From Southend the ship was moved to a temporary mooring in the River Medway. This proved a disastrous move for the ship because at Christmas a storm blew the ship adrift, it just missed a ship and went aground on mud flats.  Tugs from Medway port authority had to be called out during their Christmas break to tow them into Sheerness harbour at great expense. Since then the ship has returned to Queenborough. After all that Radio Luxembourg never returned.

 Later the satellite broadcasts started and gradually the hours of transmission were increased  until they were broadcasting seven days a week. When the analogue closedown took place on March 31st broadcasts were  streamed from the web on www.radio-caroline.nl

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Caroline's Satellite Schedule

Broadcasting On Worldspace and Eurobird 28deg East (Sky Digital)

.   For phone numbers ect, Click Here



All Times BST.

Updated 3/10/04



00.00 - 07:00 Continuous Caroline Music inc. 06.30 - 06.45 Joyce Meyer
07.00 - 10.00 Caroline Breakfast Show with Steve Silby
10.00 - 14.00 John Patrick
14.00 - 17.45 The Afternoon Show with Jim Ross
17.45 - 18.00 Caroline Viewpoint - 'What's Next'
18.00 - 19.00 Stuart Cameron's Hot Disc Show
19.00 - 20.00 Roy Masters' 'Foundation of Human Understanding'
20.00 - 21.00 Calvary Chapel Westminster
21.00 - 00.00 Martin Turner


00.00 - 07:00 Continuous Caroline Music inc. 06.30 - 06.45 Joyce Meyer
07.00 - 10.00 Caroline Breakfast Show with Steve Silby
10.00 - 14.00 John Patrick
14.00 - 17.45 The Afternoon Show with Jim Ross
17.45 - 18.00 Caroline Viewpoint - 'What's Next'
18.00 - 21.00 Andrew Austin
21.00 - 00.00 '60's and 70's request Show' with Barry James / Clive Garrard. Sponsored by PC Estates, Leigh on Sea, Essex.


00.00 - 06.30 Radio Maribu
06.30 - 06.45 Caroline Viewpoint - Joyce Meyer
06.45 - 07.00 Continuous Caroline Music
07.00 - 10.00 Caroline Breakfast Show with Steve Silby
10.00 - 14.00 Roger 'Twiggy' Day
14.00 - 17.45 The Afternoon Show
17.45 - 18.00 Caroline Viewpoint - 'What's Next'
18.00 - 19.00 Roy Masters' 'Foundation of Human Understanding'
19.00 - 21.00 Mike Brill
21.00 - 22.00 Martin Fisher
22.00 - 00.00 Mark Griffiths
00.00 - 02.00 Doug Wood


00.00 - 02:00 Doug Wood
02.00 - 07:00 Continuous Caroline Music inc. 06.30 - 06.45 Joyce Meyer
07.00 - 10.00 Caroline Breakfast Show with Dave Foster
10.00 - 14.00 Roger 'Twiggy' Day
14.00 - 17.45 The Afternoon Show
17.45 - 18.00 Caroline Viewpoint - 'What's Next'
18.00 - 21.00 'Calvary Chapel Westminster' (Religion And Music)
21.00 - 00.00 Rob Leighton presenting 'Imagination'


00.00 - 02:00 Caroline Concert (Sept 24th) The Doobie Brothers' Farewell Tour Part II
02.00 - 06:45 Continuous Caroline Music inc. 06.30 - 06.45 Joyce Meyer
07.00 - 10.00 Caroline Breakfast Show with Rob Leighton
10.00 - 14.00 Roger 'Twiggy' Day including The Soul Cellar (12-1pm) & Solid Sixties (1-2pm)
14.00 - 17.45 The Afternoon Show with Jim Ross
17.45 - 18.00 Caroline Viewpoint - 'What's Next'
18.00 - 21.00 Dell Richardson presenting 'Good Rocking Tonight'
21.00 - 22.00 Stuart Cameron's Hot Country News
22.00 - 00.00 John Patrick's Rock Show


00.00 - 02.00 Mark Griffiths
02.00 - 07.00 Caroline Continuous Music inc. 06.30 - 06.45 Joyce Meyer
07.00 - 09.00 The German Service
09.00 - 12.00 Tony Christian
12.00 - 15.00 Pandora
15.00 - 18.00 Clive Garrard
18.00 - 21.00 John Patrick's Request Show
21.00 - 24.00 Caroline Party with Mark Dezzani


00.00 - 06.00 Samantha & Susie
06.00 - 08.00 Continuous Caroline Music inc. 07.30 - 07.45 Joyce Meyer
08.00 - 10.00 Martin Smith
10.00 - 14.00 Pat Edison - Featuring the Mini-Anthology
14.00 - 17.00 Dave Foster
17.00 - 21.00 Mark Stafford Flashback Special
21.00 - 00.00 Caroline South from the Riviera with Mark Dezzani including The Global Trip (23.00-00.00)

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