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  Echo report Mar 2011

November 30th meeting

It was nice to see so many people coming along to our final meeting for this year. Thank you to everyone who have supported all four meetings this year and we now have a break until next March. Our guest this time included DJs Derek Taylor (Archive Roots Americana Show) Steve Scott and Ray Copeland, we also had representatives from many other radio stations along the south coast.

It was a nice surprise to meet Bill Smith from Angel Radio who started these meetings many years ago and he spoke about how Angel radio, like Caroline, have been expanding onto more DAB multiplexes. Alan Beech spoke about the DAB multiplexes and the application for the AM licence in the Suffolk and Essex area for Radio Caroline as the news broke in the press.

Thanks to Albert and Georgina Hood who bring along the Caroline Merchandise and to Geri for organising the raffle. looking forward to meeting you all at the next meeting in March, until then have a great Christmas and new year.



Keith Curtis and Keith Aggis


Georgina Hood and Geri Hampshire


Alan Watts, David Webb and Roger Taylor


Rita and Tommy Gerrard from "up North"


Keith Curtis (Front)


A happy John Ellery


Roland Beaney, Steve Scott and Derek Taylor


Roland Beaney, Steve Scott, Derek Taylor, John Ellery and Albert Hood


The grand gathering


one more to make sure...


Roland Beaney, Derek Taylor and Albert Hood


Steve Scott and Derek Taylor



Steve Scott and Derek Taylor


Derek Taylor and Ray Copeland


Alan Beech, Ray Copland and Roland Beaney


Bill Smith


Chris Martin recording proceedings


September 14th meeting

The gathering of the Radio Caroline Southampton Support group which took place Wednesday 14th September from 7pm at the Netley Victoria Club, Netley near Southampton SO31 5DG. It was a brilliant night. Thanks to Dave Foster, Rob Ashard, John Ellery, Andrew Austin and Alan Watts for being our guest DJs and thanks to all our visitors some of them making long journeys to join us. It was also nice to meet representatives from Forest FM from the Hampshire Dorset border and Flash FM who are also on the Portsmouth DAB. The pictures shows many of our guests. Dave Foster spoke about the Manx Radio broadcasts from the Ross Revenge and Rob Ashard spoke about the new processing equipment that he has installed in the studio. We welcomed the return of Alan Watts and hope to hear his return to Caroline soon. The next meeting will be at the end of November.



























June  29th meeting

The latest gathering of the Radio Caroline Southampton Support group took place on Wednesday 29th June at the Netley Victoria Club, Netley near Southampton. Thanks to all the Caroline DJs, staff and especially all our supporters that travel long distances to support the event. They heard some of the latest news about the station and our ship the Ross Revenge. Many bought Caroline merchandise from our stand that Albert and Georgina Hood set up and we were very pleased to welcome many DJs and staff from several radio stations broadcasting on the Portsmouth DAB. Thanks to all of you that came along and we look forward to seeing you all again at our next event in mid September.


Roland Beaney centre with Richard Graham left and Martin Kirby right from the "Flash" DAB station in Portsmouth



David Legge and Martin Fisher


Albert Hood and David Esp




David Esp and Alan Beech


Roland Beaney, Stephen Worrell and Lynda Worrell


Martin Kirby and John Ellery


Mandy Marton, Roland Beaney, Alan Beech and Albert Hood



Many Marton, Alan Beech and Albert Hood



Mandy Marton from Radio Seagull


David Legge


Flash presenters ??, Mel Payne, Richard Graham and Martin Kirby


David Legge




James Kaye and Martin Fisher


James Kaye and Martin Fisher


April 6th meeting 

Richard Graham and his wife Heather from  the Portsmouth area. Richard DJ's  on "The Flash" on DAB


Presenters Steve Anthony, Steve Scott and Mike Brill


Kevin Turner and Chris Martin


Steve Anthony and Tommy Gerrard



David Esp recording video with Steve Anthony





Back in the fold is Georgina Hood




Video maker David Esp





Steve Scott and Chris Pearson



Our two welsh visitors, Graham Hodgekiss and Aylwin Anthony








Alan Beech showing the components that could make up a DAB/DAB+ transmission multiplex.

The original equipment would require a lot more space, but a Raspberry Pi computer and a few more additions could make up a far cheaper system.


Alan Beech regarding history of Mann generator piston 



Source Chris Martin 06-04-16 Alan, suddenly called out "Will Chris Martin come up"! I though for a moment another Chris Martin was there, perhaps of Coldplay, but no it was me this Chris Martin. I was presented with a new "Insurance Chart" of the Ross Revenge with a special message on it. This was given to me as appreciation to things I do and continue to do for the Ross Revenge Restoration Crew.  May I thank you all for you thought and action proving "Loving Awareness" really exists and I consider you all part of my family!


Chris Martin about to receive an award from Alan Beech



Five presenters present, Chris Pearson, Kevin Turner, Steve Anthony, Steve Scott and Mike Brill 



Southampton Caroline Supporters

Our venue hosts


The Venue is at the Netley Victoria Club, Netley near Southampton SO31 5DG

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