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The next meeting is planned for Wednesday 28th March when we hope to do it all again.


Support Group History

This year the Radio Caroline Southampton Support Group has been going 33 years as Radio Caroline itself celebrates its 53rd anniversary. From small beginnings at its first meeting in a Southampton pub, the group has grown from strength to strength meeting in people’s houses and eventually finding its home in Netley Victoria Club some ten years ago.

The group that now meets in Netley Abbey is thought to be the only appreciation group in the south and its four meetings a year attract people from far and wide. Two regularly travel from Wales, some from Manchester and Leeds a couple of ladies from Ireland, a lady from Belgium arrived at the March 2017 meeting having heard it mentioned on the air and occasionally a man from California has been known to make it over.

Although the group is a meeting of minds, a chance to share memories and talk about the station and radio in general, fundraising plays an important part. The station still has its own ship, the Ross Revenge, now moored in the River Blackwater in Essex and all money raised at the meetings goes towards the restoration of Caroline's ship. The group has purchased a lot of equipment and money is raised through selling memorabilia and merchandise as well as raffle tickets and donations. Albert and Georgina Hood now bring along a large collection of Caroline merchandise for sale during the evenings.

The group has its roots going right back to the days of the Free Radio movement as the Southampton branch. They then had what you might call a resurgence during the Laser 558 era but membership fell away when Laser closed down. The group continued to meet for a long time in members homes and then they contacted the station during a request show. We started promoting he meetings on Caroline and eventually we had to find a bigger venue and we found the Netley Victoria club. With the help of promotions on Caroline we've now got 8 times more people coming along and we grew too big for our side room so the club offered us the main room where we can now expand even further.

All supporters are very welcome to join us and meet Caroline DJs and restoration staff and hear all the latest news about the station and its ship the Ross Revenge. A £5 donation includes a buffet and all proceeds go towards the cost of work on board our ship Ross Revenge.

In 1986 members of the Southampton Support Group went to visit the Ross Revenge in the North Sea. Armed with a couple of VHS video cameras they recorded the journey and videoed quite a few DJ's in action. DJ's on board included Tony Christian and Peter Philips. Members who went included Bill Smith, David Webb and David Williams. The VHS tapes have now been digitised and available on YouTube. Many thanks to David Webb for the recordings. Warning, its nearly one hour long.

You can view the video by clicking thumbnail above. Then find No. 44 on the playlist

December 6th 2017 meeting

Our latest Radio Caroline Southampton Support group meeting at Netley was another great success. We were honoured to have as our special guest this time the legendary Peter Chicago. It was an opportunity for people to put questions to him and he gave us an insight into the struggles they had to keep Caroline on the air. He also told us how he came to join RNI.

Alan Beech gave an update on the transmitter for the new AM service that is due to start very shortly and Nick Carter came along to tell us about his memories when he joined the ship for a spell as a DJ. Thanks to everyone who came along and a special thanks to the guests for sharing their memories with us. The next meeting is planned for Wednesday 28th March when we hope to do it all again.




Chris (The Doc) Martin with Mike Stanley from Shepton Mallet, Somerset


Reg and Sally Eden from Cornwall


Mark Eden and Steve Cooke



Roland Beaney talking to David Hillier


Peter Chicago


Chris Manion



Peter Chicago with Roland Beaney


David Webb and Alan Watts


Derek May, Alan Beech and Steve Swallow


Ex DJ Nick Carter telling us his memories


Alan Watts, Derek May an Phil Heap



Nick Carter telling his memories of when he joined the ship for a spell as a DJ


Alan Beech, Roland Beaney and Peter Chicago


Alan Beech with Peter Chicago





Mike Stanley, Mandy Marton and Roland Beaney



Peter Chicago receiving  loads of questions


Georgina Hood doing a great job on the sales stall





September 27th 2017 meeting

Thanks you to all of you who came along to the latest Radio Caroline Support Group meeting at Netley. It was a wet night but still many came long distances in heavy rain to join us. Support is certainly growing with numbers increasing at every meeting. We heard the latest news on the MW transmitter developments and the Flashback streams and each of the presenters had a story to tell from their broadcasting careers. We heard Caroline's new record by Rich Clifford and the Young Once and had a special collection for a new paint removing needle gun for our ship The Ross Revenge. A special mention was made for DJ Steve Scott who sadly passed away shortly before the Clacton event in August. He supported our meetings and will be missed. Current DJs who attended this time were Andrew Austin, Phil Meek, Lee Shuttlewood, Mike Brill, Jerry Wright and John Ellery. It was good to see Rocking John Cronnolley again. Thanks to Albert and Georgina Hood for bringing along a great selection of Merchandise to sell. The next meeting is planned for Wednesday 6th December.  



Steve Cooke


Fella on the right from Devon


Sunshine Radio man on the left


Georgina Hood doing a grand job


Mandy Marton this is your life!


Roland Beaney, Andrew Austin and Alan Beech


The guy (centre) with his two sons is Robert James


Newcomer on the left that lives very local to the venue




Presenters Phil Meek and Andrew Austin


Chris Cooper and Chris Martin


Trevor Adams, John Cronnolley and Alan Beech


Tommy Gerrard and Albert Hood






Lee Shuttlewood and John Cronnolley


Jerry Wright


Alan Beech, Mandy Marton and Andrew Austin


Presenters getting ready for speeches




Mike Brill


Jerry Wright




Lee Shuttlewood, Mike Brill, Jerry Wright, Alan Beech, Mandy Marton and Andrew Austin


Tommy and Rita Gerrard


Mandy Marton and Andrew Austin


Talking about the Dover Broadcast that he arranged was Gerry Powell (aka Tony Kirk)


Jerry Wright


John Cronnolley


John Ellery


Alan Beech with Ross "piston" soon to be auctioned




June 28th 2017 meeting

Another record attendance for the latest Radio Caroline Southampton Support group meeting at Netley. Special guests included Ray Clark, Todd Slaughter, Kevin Turner, Martin Fisher with another engineer from the Mi Amigo days James Kay and surprise guests Phil Meek and Tony Kirk. They all came forward and spoke about their involvement with Caroline, some going back to the 1960s, Ray Clark spoke about the August celebrations coming up soon, Kevin Turner about the latest Radio Caroline North weekend, Martin Fisher recalled their days as DJs and engineers on the Mi Amigo and Ross Revenge, Alan Beech talked about the work involved with the AM transmissions coming soon, surprise guest Tony Kirk gave us a brief of his involvement on the Ross Revenge and some of the RSLs after the ship was rescued and promised to return to tell us more. Todd Slaughter gave a very interesting talk on his early Caroline days and how he has been running the Elvis Presley fan club of Great Britain since 1962.

Geri Hampshire and Martin Fisher


Keith Curtis and John Ellery


Todd Slaughter and Mike Terry


Todd Slaughter and Mike Terry





Ray Clark with George Scullion and his wife from Essex


Edward Charnell from the Cotswolds Motor Museum with Roland Beaney


Phil Meek, Ray Clark, Martin Fisher, Todd Slaughter and Kevin Turner




Roland Beaney


Kevin Turner


Todd Slaughter


Ray Clark, Martin Fisher and Todd Slaughter



Martin Fisher


Ray Clark



Phil Meek


Tony Kirk


Alan Beech


Mandy Marton and Todd Slaughter




March 29th 2017 meeting

Once again thanks to all the visitors that turned up for the latest Southampton support group meeting at Netley on 29th March, including several DJs from our friends at Flash FM who share our DAB multiplex transmitter in the Portsmouth area. A Special thanks to all the Caroline DJs that came along including Kevin Turner, Chris Pearson, Rob Ashard and John Ellery, The Ross Revenge restoration staff and Caroline Legends Albert and Georgina Hood who bought along lots of merchandise for sale. The visitors heard all the latest news about the station and its plans for an AM licence for the Suffolk and Essex area and news about our broadcast ship, the Ross Revenge moored on the River Blackwater in Essex.

Graham and Valerie Diggens



Chris Pearson talking to An De Cooman from Belgium


Keith Aggis and Keith Curtis





John Ellery, Chris Pearson and Tony James


David Webb and Mike Terry


Chris Pearson and Tony James


An De Cooman a devout Cliff Richard fan.

Has her Cliff website here cliffysite 



Ashley Atkins


Mike Terry and Chris (the doctor) Martin


John Ellery and Kevin Turner


Alan Beech and Roland Beaney


Rob Ashard


Everything being documented by Chris Martin and David Esp


Rob Ashard with Alan Beech


Kevin Turner


Chris Pearson


Chris Pearson


Tony James being interviewed by Chris Pearson


John Ellery, Kevin Turner and Chris Pearson


Rob Ashard, Kevin Turner, John Ellery, Chris Pearson with Albert Hood


John Ellery, Kevin Turner and Albert Hood


Rob Ashard,  John Ellery, Chris Pearson, Kevin Turner and Albert Hood




Southampton Caroline Supporters

Our venue hosts


The Venue is at the Netley Victoria Club, Netley near Southampton SO31 5DG

Driving Directions From M27 Exit 8


Presenters who have visited

Andrew Austin

Steve Anthony

Peter Antony


Rob Ashard

Alan Beech

Mike Brill


Tony Christian

Ray Clark

Nick Carter

John Cronnolley

Ray Copeland

John Ellery

Steve Essex

Richard Evans

Martin Fisher

Dave Foster

Clive Garrard

Marc Griffiths

Barry James

Dennis Jason

James Kaye

Phil Meek

Phil Meek

Ian Miles

Chris Pearson

Jim Richman

Steve Scott (RIP)

Lee Shuttlewood

Keith Skues

Todd Slaughter

Derek Taylor

Alan Turner 

Kevin Turner

Dave Turton

Alan Watts

Jerry Wright

Gary Ziepe


Visitors & members

Roland Beaney

Tony Chennery

Bill Smith

Andrew Webb

David Webb

David Williams

Trevor Adams

Keith Aggis

Alan from Derby

Alwyn Anthony

John Armstrong

John Armstrong

Jeanette Atkins

Ashley Atkins


Chris Beeching

Elaine Beeching

Morgan Bowler

Linda Britain

Steve Britain

John Burch

Rosemary Byatt

An De Cooman

Keith Curtis

Chris Cooper

Steve Cooke

Peter Chicago

Louise Davis


Driver Man


Graham Diggens

Valerie Diggens

David Esp

Dave from K.O.T

Reg Eden

Sally Eden

Mark Eden

Cathy Gallagher

Rita Gerrard

Tommy Gerrard

Richard Graham

Phil Heap

Roger Hewitt

Morris Hillier

Albert Hood

Georgina Hood

Dave Hutchings

Graham Hodgekiss

Stuart Hobbs

John Ingram

Jenny from Derby


Robert James


Mark Kirby

David Legge

Christopher Levy

Dave Lockyer

Mike Mack

Derek May

Mandy Marton

Chris Manion

Chris Martin

Tim McClellan

Chris Mould

Paul Newman


Kim Peters

Derek Pipe

Tommy Rivers

Ray Robinson


Dave Romberg




Steven Rowlandson


Steve Royffe

Lawrence Scordellis

Lawrence Scordellis

Peter Smith

Terry Spittle

Keith Stimpson

Ann Swallow

 Steve Swallow


Roger Taylor

Mike Terry

John Whetton

Steve Whitehead

Steve Wilson

Lynda Worrell

Stephen Worrell