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Romsey Jam Factory

Hampshire Preserving Company

For nearly one hundred years Romsey was known around the world for its wonderful Jams. In a Tudor style building in the Hundred was the jam factory and at the time it was one of Romsey's biggest employers. The smell of warm strawberries gave the town a pleasant aroma while its children killed Queen wasps for sixpence reward. Kids used to go picking blackberries (me also) and take them to the jam factory and get a few bob for them. The Old Jam Factory, was a warren of wooden buildings behind an historical High-street building (now Aldi supermarket). It was run by Richard Hattatt who's brother David run a grocers shop in the Hundred. The factory closed in 1960. It was then used as storage for classic cars by the Jack O'Lantern garage until it was destroyed by fire in July 1964.  But the Romsey Fire Station was only just around the corner and was serviced by a fire crew with great efficiency. The listed building was seriously damaged and had to be demolished, but the wooden sheds and dozens of Rolls-Royce cars were saved. Read more HERE on Lance Hattatt's Blog

 Photos below include a few labels from their many products



Jam Factory chimney seen from Crosfield Hall late 1940's

Jam Factory Tudor style building after fire damage


The famous Jam Factory chimney being demolished by Tom Edwards


After demolition. In the background is the Red Lion pub with the Lollipop Shop just visible on the left





Taken in 1928




Jam Factory is Tudor building on the right



Interesting mail (thanks to Lance Hattatt)


more interesting 1940 mail (thanks to Lance Hattatt


More mail from 1940 (many thanks to Lance Hattatt)


Classic vehicles in the ex Jam Factory grounds early 1960's