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The Hundred, Botley Rd and Winchester Rd

The Hundred


Waitrose, Carman, Geoff Hattersley and Nationwide in The Hundred, Romsey


The Lollipop Shop, The Hundred, Romsey
. (Opp what was Red Lion Pub)


Pearces bakery and restaurant The Hundred, Romsey

Woolworth in the Hundred, Romsey, 1960's


The Hundred, Romsey in 1967


Looking down The Hundred (Shop on right is now Boots)

Looking down The Hundred, Romsey from the Cornmarket (Shop on right is now Boots)


The Hundred, Romsey 1950's

 Corn Market, The Hundred, Romsey 1950's. Timothy Whites now Boots


This is Purchase’s Grocers No. 10 The Hundred, Romsey

The property was once William Footner’s Bank then Wilts & Dorset Bank.

 It has also been United Counties Foodmarket, Oakshott’s Grocers,

Dee Discount Grocers, G Discount Grocers, Share Drug Stores and is today Superdrug.


Romsey Abbey looking from the Hundred 1960's

Romsey Abbey looking from the Hundred 1960's


Bill Collins and The Four Deeze cafe's in the Hundred Romsey 1962

Bill Collins and The Four Deeze cafe's in the Hundred, Romsey
 1962 (Up from "Koh Thai restaurant")

Three lads are Bob Iles, Richard Moody and Russell Vane

On the right is Carol Smith (Rex Smiths daughter) with her Uncle Harold Smith


Older photo when it was called Collins Snack Bar


W.E. Herbert in the Hundred, Romsey 1960's

 W.E. Herbert in the Hundred, Romsey 1960's (Now Reeve the Baker)


Botley Road

Montfort College, Botley Rd, Romsey. Early 1900's


Montfort College Romsey 1909


Cemetery Hill Romsey in 1944 taken from US Army Jeep by Duane Hart


Whitenap Stores and Post Office Botley Rd Romsey 1967


48 Tadfield Rd Romsey 1968


Winchester Road

Wrynams Garage Romsey

Wrynams Garage, Winchester Rd, Romsey late 1960's


The last of Hendy Ford, Romsy

The end of Hendy Ford Romsey. July 2013


Clock House Plaza junction Romsey

Clock House formerly at the Plaza roundabout Romsey


Winchester Hill, Romsey. Early 1900's


Plaza Junction early 60's before roundabout

Plaza Junction Romsey early 60's now a roundabout


Plaza Junction Romsey 1965 now a roundabout


Kincaids fish & chips, famous for the penny in the slot window attraction for St Dunstans

Winchester Rd Romsey. Now a Garage


Dennis Rolfe's Rolls Royce from Rolfe's Garage, Winchester Hill, Romsey


VViney Ave, Winchester Rd Romsey early 1960s