Old  Romsey railways

Halterworth Crossing Crampmoor

Halterworth crossing 1950's

Standard class 5 4-6-0 steam loco heads towards Eastleigh with a freight from Salisbury. It has just passed Halterworth Crossing and is parallel with Crampmoor Bungalows - photographed passing an empty building plot near No. 9.


Halterworth train

Battle of Britain class loco no 34086 - 219 Squadron passes the bottom of No 5 Crampmoor Bungalows just past Halterworth crossing with a Salisbury - Eastleigh freight - before the trees grew up & hid the railway.


We have Hampshire DEMU passing Halterworth Crossing with a Romsey - Eastleigh service. Caravans in the foreground were at the back of Wells Garage in Halterworth Lane .


Crompton type 3 ( class 33) waits at the down home signal at Halterworth Crossing heading light engine to Salisbury


Halterworth Rail Crossing

Standard class 4 No 75075 heads past Halterworth with a Salisbury - Eastleigh freight . dated around 1964


Steam train Halterworth Romsey

BR standard class 5 No 73087 'Lynette" passes Halterworth Crossing with a Portsmouth - Cardiff cross country service, diverted via Eastleigh. The mirror on the l/h side was to see cars coming down the hill of Halterworth lane & the hut on the r/h side was the lamp room where the signal lamps were serviced .


Halterworth crossing 1960's ?


Halterworth Crossing

During a rainstorm 4REP unit No 3004 leads a diverted Waterloo - Bournemouth / Weymouth train past Halterworth signal box during diversions from the mainline.


An engineers train from Eastleigh passes Halterworth box headed by a Crompton type 3 diesel - the crossing house to the right was occupied by Bill Steele a porter at Romsey station.

Halterworth crossing Romsey

Hampshire Demu 1124 passes Halterworth Crossing en route to Eastleigh a few months before passenger service was withdrawn. The signal WBV2 works in conjunction with WBW1 at Romsey signal box.


Halterworth Crossing

Hampshire DEMU 1128 passes Halterworth Crossing with a service from Eastleigh to Romsey

Halterworth Crossing

Hampshire 3 car DEMU passes Halterworth's down home signal WBV2 with a service from Eastleigh . Crampmoor Bungalows are situated behind the train to the left .

Western hauled stone train in the snow - Merehead to Fareham road stone train heads towards Eastleigh past Halterworth box - 1971. --& yes I had permission to be there on the track

Early 1970's

Halterworth Crossing

Looking west out of Halterworth signal box finds a Crompton type 3 heading towards Eastleigh. In the background is the train register desk where all train times & movements are recorded.

Diversion weekend again at Halterworth, we have a Weymouth-Waterloo fast service (91) held at the up home signal as it awaits clearance onward to Eastleigh, as a Waterloo-Bournemouth service (92) approaches Romsey outer home signal in the distance


Halterworth Romsey

Brush type 4 heads a returning excursion from the South Coast to South Wales on the down road past Halterworth signal box. This was the second to last train to use the down road , as it was closed later that Saturday night for singling

Halterworth Crossing Romsey

Brush type 4 - D1666 'Odin' passes Halterworth Crossing with a return excursion to the Western region & becomes the last train to run over the down line from Eastleigh to Romsey - later that evening it was closed & singling was started

Halterworth up home signal - photo taken after the line was singled - this was quite a high signal as the lamp man had to climb the ladder to the top to change the paraffin lamp - every week. In early days there was also a duplicate at the down home - same height, till replaced by the electric signal .

Halterworth Signal Box:- The block shelf & lever frame at Halterworth Crossing - taken 1971. The two instruments are Preece s 1 wire - the L/H to Eastleigh & the R/H to Romsey , yellow levers are distants & red home signals - the others are gate levers & locks

Inside Halterworth Signal box

Diversions again, this time at Halterworth box, a Waterloo - Bournemouth semi fast (92) passes the box en-route from Eastleigh - Romsey & then back via Redbridge to Southampton. Seen from inside the box with the gate wheel to the left, frame on the right. This wheel manually controlled the wooden gates & took some effort to move. .

Taken in 1971 - shows the block shelf at Halterworth signal box, simple up & down line with no points. The black box in the centre allows the box to be shut out of service. The bell push on the left still says Chandlers Ford, but in fact went to Eastleigh.

Halterworth signal box Romsey

Halterworth Signal Box. Another shot of the box in action , we have the signals pulled off for a down train from Eastleigh , gate stops, gate lock , down home & down distant , if you look at the round signal indicators , one black , one white they show the signals in the 'off 'or clear position .


The 92203 passing Halterworth in April 1975

Diverted Weymouth Quay - Waterloo, Channel Islands Boat train passes Halterworth on a sunny Sunday morning. It was diverted via Romsey & Eastleigh due to engineering works on the main line. Early 70 s

Halterworth Crossing, Romsey

Here is the signaling diagram from Halterworth signal box showing the layout of the tracks & signals. This is when it was double track , so taken in 1970 or so

Halterworth Crossing 1973 There were diversions for a week or two as they dug up the crossing as well as putting in a new bridge over the stream. The crossing box became just a gate post, only opening the gates when the warning buzzer went off as the train approached -  then it went to fully automatic & the box was demolished.

Half barriers installation Halterworth Romsey

Halterworth Crossing:- Photo taken mid way through the conversion to half barriers -1973 , Western class loco heads to Eastleigh with a Merehead to Fareham stone train.

The final day - the signal box at Halterworth is closed - the nameplate has been removed & the technicians

are disconnecting the circuits. Signalman Ken Freemantle has just signed off duty & heading home. The nameplate was purchased from British Rail & now resides in West Moors in good hands.


The brochure that was handed out locally when the barriers were put in at Halterworth inside it gave readers an idea of what they are & how they worked

Halterworth rail crossing, Romsey

Halterworth signal diagram after the line was singled - it was just to give train positions , as here, we have a train in the section from Eastleigh - the diagram is lit up PA/PB/PC/PD - The old instruments were taken out - it was basically a gate post . - 1973 before it went automatic & the box closed .