Romsey Borough Council

Workforce, Vehicles and Buildings 1960's

Ron Badminton, Fred Harding and Stan Hancock in Love Lane 1965


Jack Martin, Arthur Sanger

Jack Martin and Arthur Sanger at the Romsey Memorial Park


George Underwood in entrance to depot rear of Wakeford's the dentist in the Hundred


Dennis Perry


Fred Harding


Fred Harding driving new road sweeper in Tadfield Rd 1970


Gordon Pragnell frequent visitor to depot with his Morris Minor van


Gordon Stevens



This council depot was where Wakeford Court now stands


This council depot was where Wakeford Court now stands


Workers leaving Town Hall with their pay packets with Bill Weeks right


Ray Miller, Dougie Dunford and Ron Badminton


Wilfie Cox and Dennis Perry


Electricians (me) workshop?


Ray Miller and Chris Levy


Stan Hancock and Ray Miller helping with Christmas tree installation


Stan Hancock (plumber) and Jenny Hatch (office girl)


Christmas tree time, by Town Hall underground toilets


Jim Viney


John Wiltshire (Father run the Tudor Rose pub)


Bill Weeks, Charles Edwards, George Coombe, Frank Philpott

Bill Weeks, Charles Edwards, Frank Philpot and George Coombes


Ray Miller, Stan Hancock, Bill Parsons, Arthur Sanger

Ray Miller, Stan Hancock and Bill Parsons


Ron Moody, Ron Badminton

Ron Moody, Ron Badminton, Stan Hancock and Ray Miller


Erecting Christmas tree in market place


Romsey Duscarts

Dustcarts, Karrier lorry and my little Reliant


Alex Terry

Alex Terry Romsey Borough Council Dustcart driver