Woodley Folk In The 60's & 70's - 1

These are lots of photos taken in the 1960's & 1970's Most are taken in Woodley Close.

If you have any photos you would like to add or if you would like a bigger version please contact me.

Woodley Fetes

"Miss Woodley" Late 60's ???


"Miss Woodley" Competition 1966 Winner Sheila Bobbett, 3rd from left. (No 8)

No. 3 is Angela Reeves


Diana Green presenting sash to Miss Woodley Winner, Hazel Rose 1968 (No 9 below)


"Miss Woodley" Competition 1968

Brenda Chappell, Hazel Rose (9) two Dewey Girls, Trish Chappell (6) & Carol Wheeler-Osman (5)


Bridget Dittrich 1969


Trish Chappell at Woodley Fete


Joe Dittrich at Woodley Fete, Woodley Grange


Carol Wheeler-Osman at Woodley Fete, Woodley Grange


Jenny Woods's baby Lisa With Steve Woods at Woodley Fete, Woodley Grange


Angela Porter, Jenny Woods with baby Lisa at Woodley Fete, Woodley Grange


Julie Milsom at a Woodley Fete


Miss Woodley

Miss Woodley Jean Parker (year ?)


Dee Callen

Susan Dewey, Dee Callen


Miss Woodley and Sylvia Young at Woodley Fete, Wills Farmhouse, Woodley Lane

Gent top right is Norman Langdon local PC


Wills Woodley Fete

Peter Clark from Southern TV opens Woodley fete at Wills farm in 1975

Using a Radio Woodley microphone

Brian Emstritch far left and Trish Chappell to Peter Clark's right