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Woodley Village Hall is Saved

 At their meeting on Monday 26th July they accepted 11 new trustees onto the committee and appointed a new chair, vice chair and secretary.

This ensures the hall will continue to operate for the foreseeable future. The committee is now full, many thanks to everyone involved.

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Romsey Mayors 1869 to present day
1869 Charles Dyett  
1870 Charles Dyett
1871 William Bentley George
1872 William Overbury Purchase
1873 Walter Edmundbury Godfrey Draper
1874 Charles Fluder Smith
1875 William Overbury Purchase
1876 William Overbury Purchase
1877 John Frederick Osborne Founder of Osborne House School
1878 Charles Dyett
1879 Walter Edmundbury Godfrey
1880 Walter Edmundbury Godfrey
1881 Charles Dyett
1882 William Overbury Purchase
1883 William Roles Plumber
1884 William Roles
1885 John Frederick Osborne
1886 William Overbury Purchase
1887 William Overbury Purchase
1888 Walter Edmundbury Godfrey
1889 Walter Edmundbury Godfrey
1890 John Tuck Jeweller / Watchmaker
1891 William Roles
1892 William Bentley George
1893 Henry Drew
1894 Henry Drew
1895 George Wheeler
1896 John Tuck
1897 Henry James William Guard Shopkeeper – large clothing store
1898 Rt. Hon. Evelyn Ashley PC. Owner of Broadlands Estate
1899 Rt. Hon. Evelyn Ashley PC.
1900 Rt. Hon. Evelyn Ashley PC.
1901 Rt. Hon. Evelyn Ashley PC.
1902 Rt. Hon. Evelyn Ashley PC.
1903 Edward Minors Meddings Mill Owner
1904 Edward Minors Meddings
1905 William Pinnick Shopkeeper / Saddler
1906 William Pinnick
1907 William Pinnick
1908 James Coleclough Strong’s Brewery manager
1909 Edward Ernest Newman
1910 George Edward Melsom
1911 William George Prince
1912 William George Prince
1913 Richard Bowen Hotelier (White Horse Market Place)
1914 Richard Bowen Stayed in position throughout WWII
1915 Richard Bowen :
1916 Richard Bowen :
1917 Richard Bowen :
1918 Richard Bowen :
1919 Charles Thomas Waters
1920 Fred Freemantle
1921 Foster Lake Footner Solicitor
1922 William Henry Summers Owner/Head of Osborne House School
1923 William Henry Summers
1924 George Percival Jupe
1925 Francis Harry Dewing
1926 William George Prince
1927 William George Prince
1928 Baldwin Holman
1929 Foster Lake Footner
1930 Foster Lake Footner
1931 William Henry Summers
1932 William Henry Summers
1933 William Henry Summers
1934 Robert Charles Chambers Manager of Strong & Co. Ltd
1935 Maj. Gen. Sir Richard Luce Keen local historian
1936 Maj. Gen. Sir Richard Luce
1937 Robert Charles Chambers
1938 Robert Charles Chambers
1939 Robert Charles Chambers
1940 Robert Charles Chambers
1941 Robert Charles Chambers
1942 Robert Charles Chambers
1943 Robert Charles Chambers
1944 Robert Charles Chambers
1945 Leopold Ernest Allan
1946 Leopold Ernest Allan
1947 Reginald Gordon Symes
1948 Reginald Gordon Symes
1949 John Bartram Shoveller Atlee Solicitor
1950 Leopold Ernest Allan
1951 Leopold Ernest Allan
1952 Robert Charles Chambers
1953 Robert Charles Chambers
1954 George Ramell Taylor
1955 Leopold Ernest Allan
1956 Henry George Mackrell
1957 Robert Ayshford Duke Mill Owner
1958 Henry George Mackrell
1959 Henry George Mackrell
1960 Reginald Henry Harvey
1961 George Ernest Lane
1962 Penelope Aldwyth Wellington First Lady Mayor
1963 Penelope Aldwyth Wellington
1964 Penelope Aldwyth Wellington
1965 Wallace George Waterman
1966 Wallace George Waterman
1967 Tom Viney Romsey Advertiser photographer
1968 Herbert William Malpas Owner Wrynams Garage
1969 Herbert William Malpas Owner Wrynams Garage
1970 Albert Alfred Mitchell Garage owner
1971 Lucy Rose Jackson Head Teacher
1972 John McKinlay
1973 Leonard Alfred Saint Pharmacist (Boots)
End of Romsey Borough Council
Start of Romsey Town Council
1974 L.A.H. Moore
1975 G. David Johnson
1976 E. Honor Quick (Mrs)
1977 B. Palmer
1978 Maureen A. Malpas (Mrs)
1979 Peter D. Brans
1980 Peter J. Rowlandson
1981 G. David Johnson
1982 Pam H. Gale (Mrs)
1983 Pam H. Gale (Mrs)
1984 G. M. Street
1985 G. M. Street
1986 G. M. Street
1987 A. M. (Peter) Ruston
1988 Roger Shaw
1989 Charlie Mead
1990 Charlie Mead
1991 Mark Cooper
1992 Charlie Mead
1993 B. W. Widger
1994 Alan Marsh
1995 Charlie Mead
1996 Charlie Mead
1997 Sandra Gidley (Mrs)
1998 Max Buckmaster
1999 Sylvia Sherlock
2000 John Burgess
2001 Cheryl Collier
2002 Mike Richardson
2003 Mike Curtis
2004 Dorothy Baverstock
2005 Jill Gethin
2006 Mike Richardson
2007 Mark Cooper
2008 Karen Dunleavey
2009 John Ray
2010 Mike Curtis  
2011 John Burgess  
2012 Mark Cooper  
2013 Ian Richards  
2014 Peter Hurst
2015 Dorothy Baverstock  
2016 John Parker
2017 Ian Hibberd
2018 Dorothy Baverstock
2019 Janet Burnage
2020 Janet Burnage
2021 Karen Dunleavey  

Romsey Good Neighbours


We are a group of volunteers who offer to take elderly,
infirm or disabled people to attend a hospital,
doctor, dentist, optician or any
other medical appointment
The service is only provided in Romsey,
Romsey Extra, Ampfield and Braishfield
We can also provide transport to enable
people to visit relatives in hospital

To request Transport

Please telephone 01794 514854
between 9:30am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday
if possible giving at least five days clear notice
(not including weekends)


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