Live Broadcasts from the Ross Revenge

December weekend 14th - 15th


Dave Foster before the last Caroline North show of the weekend


Johnny Lewis with K9 before Sunday show


Ship Ahoy! (Barry James)


A welcome back to the Ross Revenge this month to Grant Benson on  till 6 Saturday


Purrfect Peter Philips


Big Beatles fan Dave Foster


Johnny Lewis already to go on Saturday morning


Christmassy looking start to the weekend


November weekend 23rd - 24th

Steve Anthony making a promotional video for his early Sunday morning show 


Johnny Lewis reading messages


Rob Ashard


Peek a boo from Dave Foster


Ray Clark ready to go


Nick Jackson having a decko around the Ross


Peter Phillips enjoying coffee in the Library 


Tea or coffee? Johnny Lewis taking orders! 


Radio Caroline North team of presenters have arrived safely on board Ross Revenge

and are making the final preparations for this weekend’s live broadcast..

(l to r) Johnny Lewis, Peter Philips, Steve Anthony, Nick Jackson and Dave Foster.

Ray Clark and Rob Ashard are heading out to join the team tomorrow



October weekend 19th - 20th


Mike Read in the Ross Revenge studio starting a week of outside broadcasts called Radio Milestones.

He is broadcasting from a number of locations which are part of radio history for online station United DJs.


Mike Read in the record library on the Ross Revenge with Radio Caroline DJs Nick Jackson, left, and Dave Foster


Mike Read approaching the the Ross Revenge on the tender.


Presenters Steve Anthony, Nick Jackson and Johnny Lewis saying goodbye to the last visitors of the weekend


Peter Phillips


Nick Jackson takes over from Johnny at midday with more Caroline classics and your messages


Johnny Lewis finds time for a cuppa


Dave Foster is pictured in the 'heritage' studio on Ross Revenge

with the newly restored 1950's Gates broadcast mixer.


Nick Jackson making a return to the station this weekend 


Saturday afternoon and Peter Philips is broadcasting LIVE from the Ross Revenge 


A piece of Caroline history returns home. Our wonderful vintage Gates Dualux mixer

is back in the original Radio Caroline studio on board the Ross Revenge


Johnny Lewis enjoys his first brew of the day on the deck of the MV Ross Revenge


Here we go again

(L to r) Nick Jackson, Johnny Lewis, Dave Foster, Peter Philips and Steve Anthony.

September weekend 21st - 22nd

Visitors on deck with Peter Philips


Another group of visitors




Visitors in the studio with Steve Anthony


Steve Anthony  live from the Ross Revenge with a special breakfast show playing the tracks that

Johnny Lewis put out on Radio Caroline for the breakfast show on 18th January 1984.


Sunset from Ross Revenge Saturday tonight during the Radio Caroline North live broadcast.


Johnny Lewis "living dangerously ?"


Peter Philips, the man with 'the golden voice’ back on Radio Caroline North


Caroline presenters past, present and future reunite on board Ross Revenge

during this weekend’s live Radio Caroline North broadcast from the ship.

 (L to r) Mike Barrington, Peter Philips, Stevie Lane, Grant Benson, Johnny Lewis and Dave Foster


Grant Benson safely aboard.


Presenters for this weekend’s Radio Caroline North broadcast live from

Ross Revenge, having a beer in the Marina Bar and waiting for calmer sea

so they can head out to the ship on Friday night.