Weekend 12th - 13th December




 Ray Copeland doing his Sunday Show


Johnny Lewis getting very Christmassy


 Sunday morning presenters.



 Dave Foster with his number one fan


It’s Ray Copeland from 6.30pm till 9pm


It’s Andrew Austin from 4 to 6.30pm


Paul McKenna has joined the team in the studios at Strood.  


the sixties Saturday morning from 8.30 with Chris Pearson  



Weekend 21st - 22nd November


 Radio Caroline North broadcast is drawing to a close with Dave Foster from 7pm until closedown at 9pm.


 Ray Copeland doing his early Sunday evening show


 It’s Johnny Lewis at 12 noon - 2.30pm on Radio Caroline North



 Ray Copeland joins the Radio Caroline North team this month, making his debut from 7-9pm


 Andrew Austin readying for the early evening show.


Dave Foster Saturday afternoon.


 Johnny Lewis doing the Saturday morning show from Strood studio


 John Ellery from 6am-8.30pm Saturday morning.




Weekend 17th - 18th October


Andrew Austin from 1pm - 5pm, live from the new Flashback studio at Strood in Kent.


Johnny Lewis from 9am - 1pm for specially selected hits from the 60s - 90s,


Wake up to Steve Anthony as he gently eases you into Sunday morning with some classic tracks.


It's Bill Rollins keeping you company through the night from 3am - 6am


Kevin Peters takes Caroline North into the wee small hours


The album show with Dave Foster is on from 9pm to midnight, with Dave's usual mix of popular album tracks.


Grant Benson is back on Radio Caroline North between 4pm and 7pm,

live from his studio on the shores of beautiful Lake Lugano in Switzerland.


Andrew Austen is pictured here with Dave Foster, Johnny Lewis and Paul McKenna in

the new Flashback studio at Strood, which is being used for this weekend’s broadcast.


A welcome back well known TV personality, Paul McKenna to Radio Caroline North today.


It’s Johnny Lewis on Caroline North, live from the new Caroline Flashback studio in Strood, Kent






Weekend 19th - 20th September

Johnny Lewis who did the last show of the weekend


Andrew Austin is on Radio Caroline North at 3 pm, handing over to Johnny Lewis

for the weekend's round-up and closedown show at 6 pm.


Radio Caroline North, with Ray Clark live on air from deepest Essex, 12 noon - 3 pm.  on Sunday


 Dave Foster from 9 am today on 648 AM in the South and South-East,

on 1368 AM in the North and North-West, courtesy of Manx Radio


Dave Foster


Steve Anthony with his Sunday morning show



Newbie Kevin Peters


Andrew Austen early Saturday evening


Ray Clark taking no chances


Peek a boo with Johnny Lewis


Chris  Williams second on this weekend


John Ellery kicks off the weekend


Weekend 14th - 16th August

The crew practice social distancing, Caroline style!


Paul Brown is live  from the Ross Revenge on Sunday morning


Chris Pearson trying to take off


Andrew Austin relaxing on deck


Anchor man Barry James



Paul Brown taking control


Chris Pearson IN the middle of Caroline was live at 10:30 after Carnaby Street.


Chris Williams doing his Carnaby Street show with love from The Irish Sea.

Two hours of great sixties hits and memories as you climb aboard The Time Train from Manx Radio.


Andrew Austin  flying the flag


Nearly 7pm Friday and time for Dave Foster to go live on Radio Caroline North from the MV Ross Revenge


Barry James before taking over the hot seat on Radio Caroline North 4 til 7pm


Ray Clark live from the Ross Revenge 1pm to 4pm on Radio Caroline North  on Friday the 14th


Chris Pearson before starting the weekend special



Weekend 18th - 19th July

Paul Brown enjoying the view


Johnny Lewis doing a Weetabix commercial??


Repairing the anodes on Ross Revenge


Paul Brown


Johnny Lewis back on board the Ross Revenge


Back again


It’s good to be back! Three of this weekend’s Radio Caroline North presenters

 taking a socially distanced trip out to Ross Revenge on Friday evening




Weekend 27th - 28th June

Dave Foster was on air from 6pm to 9pm, bringing another Radio Caroline North weekend to a close


Steve Anthony on at from 3pm to 6pm Sunday for an afternoon of classic tracks,

including some real gems from days gone by.


ROB ASHARD doing his thing from 9pm to midnight on Radio Caroline North


Grant Benson having a knees up in his studio in Switzerland


JERRY WRIGHT - live on Radio Caroline North from Kent


Manx Radio’s Broadcasting House with Chris Pearson who takes over from Chris Williams


GRANT BENSON live on Radio Caroline North from his studio in Morcote, Switzerand


John Ellery kicks off this month’s RADIO CAROLINE NORTH broadcast from 6am - 8.30am

Weekend 9th - 10th May

Ray Clark is joined by ‘Ben the producer’ for his show on Radio Caroline North 


Steve Anthony getting ready for his show with a nice cuppa, from one of the fab skull & crossbones mugs


Johnny Lewis with his Sunday morning cup of "splosh"


Dave Foster, Beatles album, say no more!


Caroline can be anywhere, even in Steve Anthony's spare room


Ray Clark in his satellite studio


Johnny Lewis with a little help from his friend


Easter weekend 10th - 13th April

Clive Derek proving Radio Caroline really can be anywhere


Ray Clark showing us his home studio


Steve Anthony in his home studio


Chris Pearson from the Isle of Man Manx Studio


Chris Williams from the Isle of Man Manx Studio


Jerry Wright working from home


March weekend 14th - 15th

Andrew Austin takes over from Ray Clark at 5 pm with more hits from the 60s - early 90s

He’s pictured here in the engine room on Ross Revenge.


 Ray Clark is pictured in the record library 


Bright but breezy on the River Blackwater this Sunday afternoon during

this weekend’s Radio Caroline North live broadcast from Ross Revenge.


It’s Johnny Lewis on air Sunday until 12 noon on Radio Caroline North,

live from Ross Revenge on a rather breezy River Blackwater.


One of the unsung heroes of Radio Caroline North, engineer John Day

is always on board Ross Revenge during a broadcast weekend, making sure

the ship is running smoothly and carrying out essential maintenance work


Peter Phillips "Feed Me Now!"


Dave Foster making a brew in the galley before his show


Beatles fan Dave Foster


Radio Caroline North and Manx Radio continues with Andrew Austin from 6 on Saturday evening


A lovely Saturday evening on Ross Revenge 


Ray Clark, Peter Philips and Johnny Lewis saying goodbye to the last boat full of visitors on Saturday


Peter Philips is live on Radio Caroline North with Manx Radio from the historic Radio Ship Ross Revenge


A Cormorant welcoming visitors to Ross Revenge this morning. The bird is often seen on the ship.


Ray Clark is pictured here with a new item in the Ross Revenge shop,

an LP sized clock engraved with an image of Ross Revenge.


Johnny Lewis who is doing the 10:30 morning show live on the Ross



February weekend 15th - 16th

Because of bad weather not from the Ross Revenge this month

Johnny Lewis and Peter Phillips join the last minutes of this weekend’s Radio Caroline North via Manx Radio on the phone! 


It’s over to Carolines second satellite studio in north-west Kent for the remainder of the weekend’s

Radio Caroline North live programmes. ANDREW AUSTIN is on air from 4pm to 6pm



JOHNNY LEWIS from 9am to 12 noon Sunday on Radio Caroline North.


 RAY CLARK is back in the hot seat on Radio Caroline North with more classic tracks from the 60s - early 90s.

Not a fan of the stand-up studio, they've found Ray a stool!


Ray Clark, Johnny Lewis and Peter Philips broadcasting on Radio Caroline North on Sunday.


Not quite the mess room on Ross Revenge, but a good substitute! PETER PHILIPS, RAY CLARK and JOHNNY LEWIS wind down in the ‘Blushing Bovine’ (aka the Red Cow in Sandwich, Kent) after a day of great shows on Radio Caroline North. 


DAVE FOSTER Saturday from 9pm through to midnight on Radio Caroline North with classic album tracks


As Storm Dennis batters the country this is the second Radio Caroline North ‘satellite’ studio

for the rest of the evening. It’s ANDREW AUSTIN until 9pm, on Saturday


Ray Clark doing his thing


Peter Phillips missing Dave Fosters Cooking"


Johnny Lewis safely on land because of "Dennis"



January weekend 18th - 19th

The first group of happy visitors leaving Ross Revenge on Sunday morning


Fuelling up with brunch before his show, Paul Brown is back on

Radio Caroline North from 1pm to 4pm on Sunday


Johnny Lewis with Stanley


Dave Foster up close


Peter Phillips chilling out before his 2pm Saturday show


Johnny Lewis "nearly" ready to start his show


Relaxing before the first Caroline North broadcast of 2020

Dave Foster, Johnny Lewis and Peter Phillips