Weekend 18th - 19th September



Peter Philips just making a cuppa to take to the studio


Steve Anthony waiting his turn in studio 1. His show started at 3pm


Andrew Austin on Radio Caroline North till 3pm


Live from Ross Revenge with Johnny Lewis on Radio Caroline North


There's an extra special prize to be given away in the Radio Caroline North competition this weekend. the £50  winner will also receive this fabulous framed print of 'Ross Revenge at Sunset' by Norfolk artist Howard Hornagold.


Swinging Sixties expert Chris Williams from Manx Radio


John Ellery kicks off the weekend on Radio Caroline North




Weekend 13th - 15th August

Fundraiser Special


Chris Pearson bracing himself for the last show of the "North" weekend


Some Tony Blackburn fans visited the Ross this afternoon!

Lovely to see Paul Morris and his party on board as well.


Johnny Lewis under the tower onboard the |Ross Revenge


Before his midday show on the Ross Revenge, Steve Anthony is relaxing on deck


Dave Foster takes control of output from 6am on Sunday from the MV Ross Revenge



And the last Saturday evening host from the Ross Revenge was Peter Philips


Newcomer Graham Bannerman


Ray Clark is chatting with Dave/Keith Rogers of RNI and Atlantis

and Roger Kentvif RNI on the Radio Caroline North weekend on the Ross


Itís a welcome return to the Ross Revenge for Ray Clark


There's Johnny, Lewis that is, a "Shining" example of a Radio Caroline presenter


 Chris Pearson who will be getting Saturday underway




Dave Foster during his late show on Friday


Peter Phillips is one of  Radio Caroline's longest serving presenters


  Chris Pearson live on the MV Ross Revenge from 4pm until 6pm.


Steve Anthony back on board once again.


Paul Brown live from the MV Ross Revenge from 12pm until 2pm.


First visitors of the weekend leaving Ross Revenge - laden with merchandise goodies from the shop!


Radio Caroline North where Johnny Lewis will be getting things underway.


Radio Caroline North crew  are onboard and ready for todays 10am start




Weekend 17th - 18th July


Presenters fond farewell


Andrew Austin ready for his 4pm show?


Peter Philips preparing for his Sunday show from 9am


Early Sunday morning on deck of the Ross Revenge


Early morning presenters Clive Derek (left) and Bill Rollins


Some of Saturdays visitors


Dave Foster, Saturdays final presenter


Dave Foster doing what he does best


Andrew Austin who was on Radio Caroline North from 7-9pm 


Hats off to "Larry", Barry James


Ray Copeland who did the 13:30 show


Caroline's flag showing presenters are in residence


Time for a cuppa?


One of the Radio Caroline North presenters Peter Phillips


Radio Caroline North DJs coming alongside the Ross Revenge on Friday evening


The Radio Caroline North broadcast crew heading out to Ross Revenge on Friday night