Ross Revenge in Blackwater Jan-Jun 2019

Award winning Restoration Crew photos

The Caroline volunteers  team receive the National Historic Ships UK Marsh Christian Trust award

on behalf of all the people that have looked after the ship for many years.


Steve Anthony and George Johnson with the certificate and letter of commendation



Two scrubbers Mark Eden and Derek May making the decking less slippery


Nick Farrant repairing faulty light fitting









George Johnson


Mike Webb and Derek May checking light fitting


André van Os and Derek May







André van Os applying grey primer after wire brushing


André van Os, Mike Webb, Mark Eden and Derek May


Mike Webb, André van Os, Mark Eden, Derek May, Roland Beaney, George Johnson, David Noaks and Nick Farrant


André van Os returning to shore






More visitors to the Ross Revenge, May 4th 2019


Mike Webb


Steve Swallow


Steve Swallow


George Scullion


Nick Farrant, George Scullion, Mike Webb, Mark Eden, Roland Beaney, Steve Swallow, KEITH STIMPSON and  Derek May


Regular visitor Roger Bowen


More visitors...


Mark Eden and Nick Farrant




Mike Webb and Steve Swallow


Left to right, Steve Swallow, Derek May, Mark Eden, Nick Farrant, Mike Webb, Roger Tricker, George Johnson


Left to right, Steve Swallow, Derek May, Mark Eden, Nick Farrant, Roland Beaney, Mike Webb, Roger Tricker and George Johnson


The picture shows the refurbished overdrive studio on the Ross Revenge. This studio has been put back in use by the DJs during the Radio Caroline North weekends.  These repairs were done with money raised by the Southampton Support Group.



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