Manx Radio, Caroline North Broadcast

Friday 11th August 2017

The team meet ready for the weekend


Chris Pearson, Johnny Lewis and Manx Radio's Chris Williams


Chris Pearson and Johnny Lewis


Dave Foster warming up on Friday night


Caroline North broadcast Saturday 12th August 2017

Returnee Grant Benson


Brings tears to your eyes


Barry James with new hat


Kevin Turner gives a wave to the Sky TV cameras

Meanwhile back onshore

Meanwhile onshore with Derek May outside the Princes Theatre, Clacton, Essex.


Inside the LV18 Light Ship


LV18 being used by pirate BBC ESSEX


"Nutty" Nora (centre) and Crispin onboard the LV18


Antique radios onboard the LV18


Messroom on the LV18 Light Ship


Bunks on the LV18 Light Ship

Caroline North Sunday 13th August 2017

Sunrise on the Ross Revenge, Sunday 13th August


Pirates! Ellie and Chloe take over the Ross Revenge


First one well and truly netted


Two more told to belt up!


Princes Theatre, Clacton, Essex.

Susan Calvert being interviewed by Ray Clark 



The grand gathering at the Princes Theatre, Clacton, Essex.


Caroline merchandise stall


Roger Day



Display by



Caroline merchandise stall


Rich Clifford and the Young Once





Mandy Marton (centre) chatting


Phil Meek centre with Tim Charles on his left


Gary Ziepe. Martin Fisher and Roger Bowen


Susan Calvert


Susan Calvert on stage


Monday 14th August 2017

Early morning on the Ross on the big day



Early morning on deck




Roger Day (with pirate hat) with Geoff Baldwin



Ashes of Dave Cash onboard the lifeboat.


Dave's ashes on their way out to sea