Previously unseen photos of the Ross Revenge during RSL's in Queenboro' (2002) and Southend (1998)

All photos taken and scanned by Steve Worrell. Many thanks Steve



Ross Revenge Queenboro

Ross at Queenboro' 2002


Ross Revenge Queenboro

Tony Allan with Lynda Worrell aboard the Ross in 2002


Ross Revenge Queenboro 2002


Ross Studio Queenboro 1997

Ross studio in Queenboro' 1997


Old House at Home pub Queenboro 1997

Old House at Home, Queenboro' 1997


Pandora Southend pier 1997

Pandora and believed to be the late Jim Ross on the Ross Revenge at Southend Pier 1998


Southend Pier 1997

Southend Pier 1998