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A look at past meetings

The Year 2010

Clive Garrard, Peter Smith and Barry James


Barry James with life long fan Molly Rocks


Clive Garrard with Molly Rocks


Group in September 2010


Kim Peters talking to Albert Hood about her "Ross Project"


Group photo from March 2010 with

Georgena and Albert  at the front with Kim Peters

The Year 2009

Sylvan with her hit single "We Don't Belong"


On 17th September 1965 Sylvan paid a visit to Radio Caroline South to promote her new single, We Don't Belong. When it was time for her to leave, she refused to go. The tender was forced to return to shore without her. Sylvan had locked herself in the lavatory and, without another tender due until Monday, she was on board Caroline's ship, the mv Mi Amigo, for the whole weekend

More Info Here


Sylvan with group of Caroline supporters


Keith Skues with Peter Smith, Barry James and Ray Copeland


Keith Skues signing his book "Pop go the pirates"

The Year 2008


The Year 2007

Roland Beaney setting up Radio Caroline on WorldSpace




Alan Beech 40th birthday






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