Mark Eden and Alan Beech awaits John Loader's visit



A very busy Albert Hood



The man himself John Loader who took the above photos


Today we had special guests onboard the Ross revenge,  Gudmundur Asgeirson, first mate aboard the ship when she was Freyr operating out of Iceland, and Hilmar Snorrason. Hilmar has visited before when she was in Tilbury. This was the first time though that Gudmunder has seen her since she left Iceland to join the Ross Fleet in 1963.



Gudmundur Asgeirson



Alan Beech with Gudmundur Asgeirson







Remember old times



very sad to leave...


A fond farewell


Gudmundur Asgeirson and Hilmar Snorrason on their way back to shore


Back on shore with Albert Hood




Kim on Ross Revenge

New crew member Kim on the Ross Revenge


Kim on Ross Revenge

A closer view


Roland with Ed Nuhfer Jan 2014


Thank you to supporters Meta & Justus who cane all the way from Holland to spend the day painting the Ross Revenge. They are pictured here at the top of the gangplank of the Ross Revenge complete with matching overalls


Caroline supporters Alan and Jenny pictured on the gangplank of the Ross Revenge after coming all the way down from Derby recently to help with some restoration work on board the Ross Revenge. They went home proudly showing off the splashes of red paint on their clothes.


Long term Caroline fans Steve and Ann Swallow from Manchester on the Ross Revenge.


Long term Caroline fans Steve and Ann Swallow from Manchester on the Ross Revenge.


Martin Farrow of Sydney Australia visited the Ross Revenge in Dec 2009 and was taken on a tour by members of the crew.


Ross Revenge Visitors

Ross Revenge visitors on 17th October 2009

Jan Parent, Kim Stuart Fisher, Martien Stapper,  Lawrence Scordellis, Laurie Baker, Denise Green, John Patrick  and Trevor Adams


Ross Revenge Image

Lawrence Scordellis, Lee Shuttlewood with visitors Alan Lahaise and Nick Bull, 2nd August 2009


Ross Revenge Image

Alan Lahaise from north of the border and Nick Bull from Kent

2nd August 2009