Strongs Brewery Romsey

Strongs Sign

Above sign can be seen at the Signal Box Restoration site in Romsey Hampshire

Brief History

In 1858 a man named Thomas Strong purchased a brewery in Romsey and then renamed it Strongs. In 1886 a man named David Faber took over and bought 2 more breweries and added them to Strongs. For nearly 100 years Strongs brewery was a major employer in Romsey. They were taken over by Whitbread in 1969 and brewing ceased 10 years later.


Strongs Horsefair Entrance, Romsey 1960' s


Strongs horse drawn wagon at Broakley Rd Water Splash, Brockenhurst


Strongs horse drawn wagon, location unknown



Believed to be Strongs 1st lorry


Thomas Foot on the far right




Refreshments for the troops ? Underneath a spitfire


Ted Austin standing beside a c1936 Ford Model Y 5cwt van in Botley Rd Romsey

approaching the Luzborough roundabout from the North Baddesley direction in 1944

Famous Strongs sign and Luzborough Camp dwellings can also be seen.



"Ye Charter Inn" in the Cornmarket at the 1957 Romsey Charter celebrations


"Ye Charter Inn" in the Cornmarket at the 1957 Romsey Charter celebrations


Strongs Order Office in the Horsefair, Romsey 1960


Strongs advert on Southampton bus


Scammell at Romsey depot


Scammell at Bell Street mineral depot. Usually driven by George Newman


Mobile bar in Romsey Carnival


Bob Pointer unloading in Romsey depot c1960


Crown Inn Kings Sombourne, and Strongs lorry.


Still around at various shows, Strongs Albion lorry


Assorted beer mats and bottle labels


Strongs bottle opener and badge


Old signage still visible  at Bitterne


Outside the Horse & Jockey Romsey now the Cromwell


Strongs lorry in the Romsey Market Place


John Burnett on the left


Believed to be outside the Sun Inn Romsey


First left is Jim Walvin from Princes Rd, Romsey


Strongs Fleet

Strongs Romsey Depot


Strongs Fleet

  2nd on left is Bill Solomon



Leyland Comet at Horse & Jockey, Mainstone, Romsey 1960's


Strongs Lorry, Romsey

Strongs lorry loading at Romsey depot




Pete Stratton


Strongs Social Club at the Sports Centre Romsey


Aerial view of Strongs Brewery in 1950