Woodley Folk In The 60's & 70's - 2

These are lots of photos taken in the 1960's & 1970's. Most are taken in Woodley Close.

If you have any photos you would like to add or if you would like a bigger version please contact me.


Horatio Nichols near 29 Woodley Close


Jean Porter at 25 Woodley Close


Brian Osman, Peter Martin, "Guv" Reeves & John Osman at 5 Woodley Close 1961?


Bridget Dittrich & Chris Levy at 21 Woodley Close 1964


Brian Osman, Joe Dittrich & Chris Milsom 1959 in the New Forest


"Bubs" Nichols


Gordon Milsom, where 39-45 Woodley Close now stands


Jackie Woods


Rosina Sellick with Maxine Shepherd at 26 (21) Woodley Close 1959


Mary Harman & Gwen Levy at 21 Woodley Close


Bernie Leigh & Pete Martin At The Plaza Cinema, Romsey 1959


John Clarey, Julie Milsom & Nicky Bolton at Woodley Close


Chris Milsom


Arthur Simpson


Denise Reeves & Wendy Part at Woodley Way


Brenda Chappell near 15 Woodley Way


Linda Chappell outside 10 Woodley Close


Gwen Levy, Bridget Dittrich, Mary Harman and Angela Porter (front) 1963


Robbie Turner at 5 Woodley Close


Valda Reeves, June Cleary & Brenda Smith in Braishfield Rd by Ganger Lane


Jean Turner & Lyn Turner at 50 Woodley Close


Christine Nichols by 21 Woodley Close


Neville Porter & Stephen (iggy) House at 25 Woodley Close


Peter Chappell