Woodley Folk In The 60's & 70's - 4

These are lots of photos taken in the 1960's & 1970's. Most are taken in Woodley Close.

 If you have any photos you would like to add or if you would like a bigger version please contact me.


Brenda Chappell, Denise Reeves, Gwen Levy, Bridget Dittrich, Trish Chappell, Katherine Dittrich and Angela Reeves


Carol, Ron, Ashley, Tony and Joan Gerrard at Hillyfields Nursling. 1959


Angela Sellick, John Osman, Pete Martin and Linda Chappell near 10 Woodley Close


Ann Old at Woodley Close


Barbara Milsom at 19 Woodley Close


Caroline & Hazel Tucker, Nan Hatchet with Davina at 29 Woodley Close


Sharon Old & Angela Hunt at a Woodley fete.


Sharon Old & Margaret Tucker


Pauline Porter & Nancy Belbin at 25 Woodley Close


Angela Reeves & Angela Porter


Roger Coward at rear 21 Woodley Close


Brian Osman near 8 Woodley Close


Wally Wassell, Barry Wassell, Jim Masterman, Doris Wassell, Roz Wassell (Masterman) and Gwen Masterman


Soundwaves :- Derek Chappell, Terry Chappell, Brian Emstretch and Colin Thornton


Brian Levy, Barry Wassell, Wally Wassell, Ann & David Old in Belgium


Julie Milsom & Jackie Dowland


Dave Coward and Sharon


Pat Milsom and Sharon


Ray Harman